David H. Corcoran, Sr.

David H. Corcoran, Sr. is a retired US Navy Captain who served on surface ships, submarines and in the Pentagon. He is a graduate of the National War College. He retired after spending thirty years of active duty in the Navy. He is married to his wife, Mary Ann for over forty-five years. He has four children and seven grandchildren.

John Williams

John Williams is an author currently working on a book about a young boy, Jake (AKA “The Catamaran Kid”), raised by his grandmother, who is the mother of a cat. The book focuses on Jake’s life and the people surrounding him, including his grandmother and her cat. And you know how it is when you’re a kid, you can almost read your mind, so it’s awesome when you see an author take the time to write a book about someone that has been through something similar.

Cassandra Huff

Cassandra Huff enjoys making friends and making music with her friends. She loves to bake, spend time with her family, and spending time with her friends. She enjoys dancing and playing the guitar at home. She also plays the piano, drums, and voice while she is out of the house. She is also a very good cook, and she loves to make things like scrambled eggs, pancakes, waffles, and oatmeal!

Brian Christian

Brian Christian is a writer who loves to write. And when he can’t, he watches a lot of sports and he reads lots of books. He has been known to be one of the most sarcastic people in the world (if you manage to ignore his Southern accent) and loves spending tons of time in front of the computer screen. When he’s not doing that, you can find him relaxing at home with his family or at work on his latest project — either fiction or non-fiction — and trying to keep up with the news.

Glenville Pathfinder

The Glenville Pathfinder is a newspaper based in Glenville, West Virginia. It was formed from the merger of the Glenville Journal and The Pathfinder. We publish new articles every weekday morning, Monday through Friday.


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