This Week’s Prayer

Heavenly Father,

Make safe the trips of our Gilmer County people who are going on vacations this summer;

Give “good luck” to new Schools Superintendent Ron Blankenship at the Gilmer BOE;

Bless our struggling middle class, especially our seniors, shut-ins and others in need of help;

Provide good medical care and speedy recoveries to all injury victims, especially Marcia McKinney (she’s coming home this week from burn treatment rehab), Barbara McHenry and the natural disaster survivors in America and throughout the world;

Give consolation and recovery to the sick, especially to Fran Snider’s mother, Patrick Gainer, Betty Maddix, Leonard Montgomery, Stan Mazzagotte, Joe Ellison, William Heard, Brittany (Folk Festival Belle Grace DeLorenzo’s granddaughter who has a rare disease) & others needing Christ’s healing touch (if you need prayers, call us: no pranksters, please);

Pray for peace in the Middle East and Africa, so the people can secure “freedom;” and,

Comfort the loved ones left behind, especially families of Wilford “Tinker” Minigh, Helen Louise Conrad Stout, Frank “Ted” Zinn and Arthur “Joe” Radcliff. Amen.

Glenville Pathfinder

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