GCHS Titan 2014 Seniors Recognized on Senior Night

On Fri., Oct. 18, members of the 2014 senior class suited up in their blue, red, and white to play their final Titan football game at Morris Stadium.

It has been an exciting four years of growth for many of these athletes; however, there success (currently the Titans are 5-3) have made it worth the fight.

As 7:00 p.m. hit, the seniors stepped away from their team for a few moments and lined up with those people who are part of their lifelong team and their biggest fans - members of their family!

One-by-one they walked across the field arm-in-arm with their mother, grandmother, father, or whomever else joined them.

There parents and guardians beamed as their child's accomplishments were read off, and amongst those words, many shared the highlights of their sports careers and others shared words of gratitude for their loved ones.

For some, the words were simple, as the announcer explained Seth Skinner added, "I love you guys," to his parents and brother who he says have never missed a game.

Jordan Peggs also thanked his mom and dad for everything they have done for him.

For others, the thanks they wanted to share were a little more personal.

Nathan Allison, a senior receiver who is also a three-sport athlete, took the time to thank his family. He was escorted across the field by his mother, Ellen Minney, his father Mark Allison, and his #1 fan/nephew Landon.

"He would like to thank his mom for the countless hours and miles she has traveled for him over the years," read the announcer. "To his Grandpa Kesslie, his role model, Nathan says: 'this year is dedicated to you for all you've done for me over the years. You sparked my interest in sports many years ago. I love and miss you everyday.'"

As the senior game recognitions came to an end, the hugs shared amongst the families showed how thankful these men are and how proud their parents continue to be!