Cedarville News 12-19-13

Catching Snowflakes

We had our 4-H Christmas gift exchange and dinner. I very much appreciate the nice gifts I received. The children had such a good time. We appreciate all those that helped with the dinner and festivities.

It seems like we are having an old fashioned winter so far, before winter even starts.

Congratulations go out to Racheal Adams on graduating from Marshall University.

There were two vans of us seniors that went to Ripley to see the Christmas lights. We ate at Ponderosa and went to the Dollar Tree and Good Will. We all had a very nice time.

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Charley Jenkins on his 80th birthday.

Snow Flakes

Can you catch snowflakes
On your tongue?
Here they come - one,
Two, a slew of them
Swirling from the sky.
They're sticking
To my eyelashes, my
Scarf, my hat. If I stand
Absolutely still,
Snowflakes cover me until
I'm just a pile of white -
a snowflake man on the lawn,
I don't move, don't yawn
'Til I hear bells jingle on a
Sleigh -
Santa's Coming!
"Step right this way!"
Is what my Snowflake
Man will say.