Fighting child poverty in WV

The Our Children, Our Future Campaign has announced its 10-point platform for fighting West Virginia's child poverty crisis in 2014. These 10 issues were crafted through a year-long process that included 72 community meetings, 2 policy workshops, a policy symposium at the State Capital in September - and ultimately a vote of more than 905 religious, business, union, youth, community and school leaders who have been involved in the campaign from across the state. The Platform will be announced today in Clarksburg, with House Speaker Tim Miley on-hand to receive the platform and give a response. Following the announcement, leaders from North Central West Virginia will hold a planning meeting for how to spread the word about the platform in their region.

  • Where: Miley Legal Group, 230 W Pike #205 (Clarksburg, WV)
  • When: 11:00am

Who: Our Children, Our Future Leaders and Families, who can speak to the importance of these issues
Senate President Kessler also expressed his support of the Campaign in a statement: "The Our Children, Out Future campaign brings people together from across the political spectrum who all care about kids. This coalition has worked hard over the last year, and I am proud to support the Our Children, Our Future campaign and look forward to working with this coalition to improve the lives of West Virginia's children and their families."

Last year, the Our Children, Our Future Campaign voted on 5 issues and achieved victories on all 5 (from the Feed to Achieve Act to winning back Child Care Cuts). So, momentum had built for this year's platform - with more than 700 more people voting this year, compared to last.

This year's platform begins with the top 5 vote-getters: Expanding Home-Visiting and Early Childhood Programs Statewide; Raising the Minimum Wage; Protecting Family Support Programs (FRN's and FRC's); introducing 30 Minutes of Physical Activity into Schools; and a tie between the Future Fund and a comprehensive Substance Abuse Program (Making Sudafed a Prescription, Medicaid Direct Reimbursement, and Access). These top 5 issues will form the foundation of the platform and will be featured in our Regional Forums across the state during the legislative session, as well as regular action alerts, press conferences, and meetings with legislators.

The next 5 vote-getters were the Future Fund, Increasing the Tobacco Tax, Piloting Parent Mentor Programs in Schools, Limiting SNAP Benefits for Sugary Drinks, Pregnant Workers' Fairness Act, and the Quality Homes, Quality Jobs Act.

These 5 issues will also receive the endorsement of the Our Children, Our Future Campaign - and will be supported through on-line action alerts and other activities.

Today, 48 percent of West Virginia children grow up in families that don't have enough income to make ends meet; meanwhile, less than 1.4% of West Virginians receive TANF (also called "welfare") benefits.

The Campaign also announced today two "Bonus" issues that they will be taking on this year outside the legislative process. First, the Campaign will be recruiting 10,500 new West Virginia voters to their movement - through voter registration, voter education, and health care enrollment. Second, the Campaign will work with 20+ communities to implement local solutions to the child health and poverty crises - projects like community gardens, running and walking clubs, and school feeding programs.

"This is what democracy looks like," said Lisa Wotring, a member of the campaign and an organizer with the West Virginia Healthy Kids and Families Coalition. "Kids, families, and community leaders working past their differences to fight alongside the most vulnerable families in our state. I've experienced poverty as a single parent, and I hope no family has to face what I faced."

Next up: the Our Children, Our Future Campaign wishes to invite schools, congregations, after school programs, service agencies, and other partners to send folks to Charleston on February 4 for Kids and Families Day at the Capital - where we will advocate for these issues with our legislators. For more information about Kids and Families Day, contact Stephen Smith at ssmith@w