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Readers angry about not receiving their newspapers…

First, I would like to commend the 100+ subscribers to the Glenville Democrat and Glenville Pathfinder who diligently called in to let us know that the USPS had failed to deliver their newspaper last week.

After all, if we don’t know you’re not getting the paper, how can we fix the problem?

I am going to go under the assumption that you did get your paper this week (July 25th, 2013) and that you’d like to know what happened to the issue of July 18th, 2013.

So that you can understand what’s going on, I need to explain the delivery process.

The printed papers are delivered to the Glenville Post Office no later than 3 p.m. on Wednesdays (barring a press breakdown, or other delay). They are broken into two ‘piles:’ the papers going to Glenville (26351) and papers going to ‘everywhere else’.

The papers to Glenville zip codes are put in a separate hamper, so that they can be immediately handed to the route drivers or placed in PO Boxes. This insures that the Glenville papers promptly go out with the regular route drivers on Thursday mornings and for Post Office customers in their boxes.

The ‘everywhere else’ papers are loaded late Wed. into a USPS box truck and are taken to the center in Clarksburg where they are put on a USPS chartered semi...

...from there, they go to Charleston where some sorting is done...

...from there, they come back to Clarksburg and are put back on smaller trucks...

...from there, they go to your local post office and out to the local carriers...

As you can see, it’s an odd procedure. In addition, the upcoming closure of the Clarksburg center might make delivery times worse. Yes, sometime in September, the contracts for the previously-mentioned USPS chartered semis are changing and all mail will go to Charleston directly. Shortly thereafter, the Clarksburg shipping center will close.

For our readers, here are some suggestions to follow if your paper is late again:

• First, please contact your local post office about the issue to see if the papers ever made it there. This will alert them to the specific issue, so they can start backtracking to find the holdup.

• Second, please contact us about the issue at 304.462.7309 and let us know the location of your local post office and their phone number. This is so that we can start a postal trace (if necessary).

• Thirdly, you can contact the USPS directly to let them know of the issue by going to and following these directions:

Under “Popular links” on the left side, choose “Contact Us.”

Under “Email us”, click “Send us an email.”

Under “Inquiry type” choose ‘Problem.”

Choose “Receiving mail.”

Select “No delivery / No Attempt.”

Select “I Did Not Receive a Specific Item.”

Click “Continue.”

What was the class of the mail? Check “Standard Mail.”

Type of Mail Piece: Check “Periodical (Newspaper, Magazine, etc.…)”

What type of special service was used? Check “None”

Confirmation or tracking number: Check “N/A”

Additional information: Here you can type up to 4,000 characters to fill out your complaint. Please include something like this: “To date, I have not received my Glenville, WV newspaper which should be dated DD/MM/YYYY. My local post office is [location] and I have already alerted them about the issue. Please advise as to why there is a delay.”

Click “Continue.”

On the next page you should fill in your location information and then click “Continue” again at the bottom of the page.

The last page, you review your email and hit “submit.”

The reason that we editors suggest you alert both the local and national branches of the Post Office is so that we are able to show both that there is an issue. Readers are not just customers of Glenville Newspapers, you are also a customer of the USPS.

"While we are diligent to get our product into the mail, we need your help to make sure that your newspaper gets to you on time ... and not a week late," states Dave, Sr., Publisher.