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Christian Film to be made at 2015 Folk Fest

Eric “Doc” Benson, Producer for Culdee productions, came to Glenville last Thurs., June 12, to speak to the Gilmer County Economic Development Association’s Board of Directors, and to the Gilmer County Commission to gain permission to use the Gilmer County name in his next film, “The Publication.”

The evening was capped off with a viewing of the previous film made by the company, entitled “Seven Deadly Words” in the President’s Auditorium at GSC.

Benson has been working to gain approval to film his next faith-based Christian movie, “The Publication,” here in Glenville during and after next year’s Folk Festival. The film’s producer also wants the rights to use the “Glenville,” “Gilmer” and “West Virginia State Folk Festival”names. As of June 12th, Benson had gained permission from the City Council and the County Commission, only leaving the Folk Festival Committee undecided.

The Production” focuses on a small town, in which someone writes and makes public all of the citizens indiscretions and moral shortcomings, and the drama that would be sure to follow such an occurrence. Benson hopes that his movie will bring in revenue for the area, along with publicity, and a positive message about West Virginia that goes against the typical Hollywood stereotype.

To keep costs low for the independent production, Benson hopes local people and churches will be willing to host families for some of the actors that will be brought in, while paying for houseing for the remaining actors and crew to stay in local hotels.

The viewing of “Seven Deadly Words” was geared at showing citizens of Glenville how the previous film had depicted the town of Connorsville, Indiana, a real town that was the fictional setting for SDW, much the way he wants to use Glenville next summer. Those in attendance listened to Benson’s brief synopsis, and an update on where the production is heading, before watching the film.

To find out more about “The Publication,” the events, and the company, you can visit their Facebook pages, Culdee Productions, and The Publication, where they have a more detailed plot description, and offer to keep you connected with up-to-date news on the film. You can also learn more about Benson on his website, or contact him at his email address, that being: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..