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Trying to iron out 'snags' in Coxs waterline

There was a Gilmer County Public Service District Board of Director's meeting last Mon., May 12 in the PSD boardroom.

The issues most discussed were the progress of the new water lines coming out of Glenville into the Coxs Mills area, and also down Rt. 5 to the Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center.

After the meeting was called to order by Vice Chairman Ed Talbott, the minutes were read and approved. After the floor was opened for public comment, the Board moved on to old business, which consisted mainly of updates of the Coxs Mills water project that is well underway. Randy Watson, of Thrasher Engineering, explained to the Board the issues that they were facing and his plans for overcoming these obstacles.

Previously, the Board had expected to have a reduction of the pipe from 6" to 4" on the Rt. 47 end of the project, but this reduction was no longer necessary. It was also discussed that there were additional problems with drilling these waterlines across the creek to residences. The cheaper way being to "open cut" for the lines, but this method is not an option due to regulations against water disturbance during fish spawning season, which lasts from April 1 through July 1. However, with the contract being up at the end of July, there is an urgency to "pick up the pace," or bring in additional workers or else pay the more expensive method of directional drilling.

Mr. Watson also explained that the plans for the Rt. 5 main line extension have been reviewed and are now waiting for approval by the Public Service Commission of West Virginia.

The Board then moved to approve the payment of bills, totaling $131,620.16; the motion carried.

There was also a requisition of funds needed to pay Thrasher and the contractors and others, which was approved and sent on to Charleston, totaling $283,280.51.

County Commissioner Larry Chapman, on behalf of a concerned firefighter, asked whether the low number of fire hydrants was for cost-saving purposes, but PSD Board member Sallie Mathers responded to the question, explaining that as many had been put in as there was capacity for.

The next meeting is scheduled for Mon., June 9, before the current one was adjourned.