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More Folk Festival News

Next Thurs., May 22nd's 'Business After 5 Social' to feature two Folk Fest participants

Like Folk Festival President David O'Dell announced on page 1 this week, the 2014 West Virginia State Folk Festival's planning is beginning to gel and to be complete.

By the way, Folk Fest regulars of many years, Mack and Thelma Samples, came back to Glenville to accept their Golden Pioneer certificates at the graduation this past Sat., May 10. They both graduated from Glenville State College in 1964. Both have been very involved with the festival over the years, with Mack being its longtime president before moving to Clay in 1995. Also, he's written a number of Appalachian venue books that you can probably find at your local libraries.

Back to the subject: Ordinarily, all I hear from the festival's vendors is gloom and doom. They didn't sell that many crafts or food products, so the fest didn't provide the platform for them to make any money for coming three days to Glenville.

As a result, I expressed great surprise when my massage therapist, Amanda Steiger, said, "The Folk Festival is great; I made more money there than at any other festival."

She sets up in one of her sister, Donna Smith's small buildings at the stoplight. In it, she gives the back massages for a reasonable fee. I mean she is really good, having cured me of my back pain on my last visit to her Flatwoods office (behind the bowling alley).

In addition, Amanda's sister, Donna, will be present to show people through the different small shelter houses. They are pretty nice too.

Nevertheless, both Amanda and Donna will sponsor next Thurs., May 22nd's Gilmer County Business After 5 P.M. Social Hour, so if you suffer from any muscular pain, like back pain, you're invited to hear them out and to enjoy networking with them over some light refreshments at the Glenville Inn.