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PSD looks over new apartment plans

The Monday night, April 14, 2014 meeting of the Gilmer Public Service District"s Board of Directors left everyone with plenty to think about.

Visiting were several representatives from Woda Construction who brought news of their 103 Mud Lick Road project that has been in development for at least two years. The project which will be called "Oak Valley Gardens" will be a multi-building apartment complex initially targeted for veterans, the elderly and / or people on fixed incomes.

The group had brought two sets of the blueprints ... one for the PSD (accepted by Chairman William Stalnaker and Sallie Mathess) and one for Thrasher's Randy Watson. After pouring over the plans for several minutes, Randy was able to identify which paperwork would be needed to get Woda's projects approved and inspected. Business cards were passed around and phone numbers were shared.

The meeting quickly escalated into "shop talk" between the engineers, but the overriding concern for the project seemed to be the speed at which the new line could be connected to the existing line running along route 5. All seemed confident that (once the paperwork is done) this could be done in a day so that water flow to customers in that area (including the Glenville Inn and the Pioneer Grill) would not be affected. The entire line from the road to the construction site is estimated to take 14-21 days to complete.

According to White, the project should be done and the properties ready for occupancy by the end of December 2014. He admitted that there will probably be some early spring work (planting grass, landscaping, etc...), but that would not be a major construction issue.

In addition to the Woda Group's appearance, there were a couple of concerned citizens speaking to the Coxs Mills extension work. Apparently cleanup on at least a couple of properties along the line hadn't been done yet. One of the speakers, Dorothy Radcliff of Coxs Mills was "not happy about the situation".

Mr. Stalnaker then asked Randy Watson, of Thrasher Group about the situation. Stalnaker reminded the assembly that the agreement had been that the properties affected by the water line should be returned to "as good or better" condition once the work was done. Watson agreed with Stalnaker and indicated that he knew there was still work to be done on Radcliff"s property as well as the Gary Bush property and that it would be repaired promptly.

Further regarding the Coxs Mills project, Watson indicated that Mid-Atlantic has finished with the water tank and they"ve left the site. They will return when the tank is ready to be filled to make sure there are no issues.

Watson also brought in a new change order totaling approximately $299K taking construction up to July 31, 2014. This would mean that the project is currently under budget and there should be enough savings to fund secondary projects such as Coxs Camp. Watson also indicated that he has been constantly searching for ways to save money on the project so these extra projects could be completed. The change order was approved.

Cary Smith, of Region VII Planning & Development Council, then brought paperwork for payment totaling $90,304.51. The paperwork was approved and signed for both funding sources (DWTRF and Small Cities Block Grant).

Next up was the presentation and approval of the 2014-2015 Budget. The paperwork was looked over and approved.

Also up for review was the resignation of Martin Hess effective April 30, 2014. The resignation was accepted.

Finally, there was a motion to pay PSD bills totaling $91,435.16. The motion was passed.

The meeting ended with an Executive Session at 8:26.