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'WV Vapors' gives smoking a 'new taste'

Now, if you're getting tired of the same old cigarette taste, or want to just "kick the habit" for good health reasons, the place to start your quest in Glenville is at the newly opened "WV Vapors" shop downtown.

The store is a real entrepreneurial initiative, which was hatched by two nearly lifelong friends. Co-owners Scott Roberts and Andy Nottingham attended South Harrison High School together, and, then later, took their college educations at West Virginia Wesleyan. Being close friends through these many school years, they'd always talk about new ideas.

"In Buckhannon, there were diverse shops for coffees and teas, and we just thought that the people in Glenville and Gilmer County deserved the same type of superior offerings and amenities, plus an e-cigarette shop," said Scott, the son of Mike and Julie Roberts, of southwestern Gilmer County.

The youthful pair got the idea in January of this year, and had their Grand Opening two months later. "We liked this idea of a combined coffee, tea and tobacco shop," says Andy, emphasizing that they use the Halo brand of e-cigs.

People are invited to come in to try out some of the smoking vapors, such as gingerbread, marshmallow, and blackhoney.

This will give smoking a new and more pleasant taste, the pair stressed. In addition, it's a good start to kicking the straight cigarette habit, they add. "It's definitely a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes," Scott asserts.

Located in the former H & H Railroad Contracting and Dr. Carl Nichols' office on East Main Street (across from Go-Mart), the shop's professional entry lends itself ideally for checking student IDs. "We are age sensitive, so a customer must be 18 or older to purchase either our vapors or to use our other facilities.

As previously reported, the shop offers some coffees and teas, along with WiFi hookups and computers for business people to work or college students to study. "We'll get more into the coffee and tea shop modes as time goes on, and maybe even snack foods," Andy outlines.

Scott and Andy stay in contact almost daily, but they've appointed Scott's brother, Wayne, as the store's manager. Wayne Roberts, also, expressed excitement about his new managerial challenge.

As for Glenville's newest entrepreneurs, WV Vapors is a new initiative that they're optimistic about, but they also hold down regular jobs. Scott Roberts, now a Martinsburg resident, works for IBM as a computer technician in cash register repair, while Andy Nottingham, a Weston resident, does social work in a foster care to adoption agency.

In conclusion and by paraphrasing them, the creative and enterprising duo affirms, "Gilmer County people are invited to come in, have Wayne explain the products, to take a look at our facility and to enjoy Ñ for some Ñ a new beginning in a healthy e-cig environment."

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