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Board of Education Meets

On Mon., Feb. 17, the Gilmer County Board of Education met in the Gilmer County High School Library.

Before the regular meeting began, members of the Normantown Elementary School faculty and administration received special recognition by Superintendent Ron Blankenship for stellar achievements at that school. (Click here to read details about this great news.)

Following this segment of the meeting, Dr. Wendy Halar presented the Board with an overview of federal funding programs and the allocation of funds from these programs to Gilmer County.

According to Dr. Halar's financial breakdown, Gilmer County receives the following disbursement of funds:
Title I: $317,633
Title II: $96,130
Rural and Low Income Schools Grant: $17,037
Title III: $831

Some good news was shared by Board member Phyllis Starkey regarding grants totaling $35,000 received by the Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center.

Following Mrs. Starkey's report, Dr. William Simmons, Board President, updated the Board on RESA VII developments.

Minutes were approved for regular and special meetings, and Budget Supplements and Transfers were provided to Board members before accounts payable matters were presented.

There were two Intra-County student transfers approved, as well as three Inter-County student transfers.
Two field trip requests were presented to the Board. One request was for grades one through six to go to the Charleston Civic Center to attend the Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey "Built to Amaze" circus on Apr. 25.

The second field trip request was for seven Physics II students to go to Green Bank, WV for the Youth Science Discovery Experience (Part I). That took place Feb. 13-17.

The last new business attended to by the Board was the adoption of a multi-year salary increase resolution for county teachers.

The next BOE meeting will be Mon., Mar. 17 at 6 pm.