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PSD Meets

After calling the meeting to order at 7 p.m., PSD Chairman Bill Stalnaker proceeded to run an exceptionally swift meeting, finishing at 7:23... "A record," he commented at the close.

After hearing Brenda Lawson's (the PSD's General Manager) reading of the previous meeting's minutes, they were approved unanimously.

As there were no members of the public who wished to speak, the board members went to Old business where they commented upon the lack of news from the Coxs Mills Project. As there were no good days to work between the last meeting and this one, the water project has effectively been stalled. As soon as good weather returns, the project will continue.

Regarding the SR5 Project Update, the paperwork has all been turned in on time and there are no predicted rate increases. Lawson also shared with the board members a letter of approval from the Gilmer County Commission on the project's progress.

Next, the group had a long discussion about the new security system to be installed in the area of the PSD building. An invoice had been turned in for $1,765, and it was approved after some discussion about ensconcing the coax cable in conduit for safety.

Radios were the first focus in New Business, including a discussion why new ones were needed at all.
Apparently, the PSD has three old radios and a base station that works erratically. The new radios - suggested by Eric Squires - would be three new Vertex model radios and a matching base station. Apparently, the Glenville Fire Department already uses Vertex radios and have no issues with them. However, Stalnaker requested some further information on the brand and perhaps a demo of the models suggested for the PSD.

Also discussed was the purchase of a new-to-the-PSD laptop to be used for inventory purposes as there seems to be no definitive list of the equipment in the PSD's offices and garage. None of the board members seemed too keen on getting a refurbished laptop for such a job and Stalnaker requested prices on a new one that could do the job. Board Member Sallie Mathess also stated her preference for a new one with at least a three year warranty.

Finishing up, the board approved the paying of bills totaling $91,808.41 and set the next meeting for March 10, 2014 at 7 p.m.