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Commission's first meeting in 2014

commissionOn Mon. , Jan. 13, the Gilmer County Commission met for the first time in 2014.

On the Commission’s agenda were many matters of business pertaining to the Commission itself, as well as courthouse employees and local board members.

Commissioners unanimously voted Brian Kennedy to the position of Commission President, a term he will serve through the calendar year of 2014.

Regarding county boards, the following Commissioners serve on the following boards:

Brian Kennedy: Gilmer County Health Center, Board of Trustees, Health Department, Parks and Recreation.
Darrel Ramsey: Senior Center, WVU Extension, 4-H, LEPC, Little Kanawha Bus Authority
Larry Chapman: Ambulance, PSD, Region IV.

The meeting also served to establish the days during calendar year 2014 when the courthouse would be closed. A motion was then passed to allow courthouse employees to work full days on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve in order to facilitate a full day off on January 2, 2015. This motion carried, but not unanimously, with Commissioner Larry Chapman opposing the full day on Christmas Eve and the closing of the courthouse on Jan. 2.

A survey was given to courthouse employees addressing the issue, and all employees were in favor of this arrangement.

“I can't imagine why anyone would want to be here on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve until four o’clock,” stated Chapman. While he “fully respect[s] the employees and what their wishes are,” Chapman added, “It’s about what benefits the public. A lot of people go back to work after New Year’s Day.”

The County Commission meetings were set to occur on the first Tuesday and the third Wednesday of each month, with the Tuesday, Feb. 4 meeting being rescheduled for Wed., Feb. 5. This change in the meeting schedule was requested to accommodate the attendance of a budget workshop by courthouse employees.

It was announced that Jane Collins had resigned from the Recreation Center's Board. Collins had represented the Dekalb/Troy District. Moreover, there is one opening on the EMS Board.

The next Gilmer County Commission meeting will be Wed., Jan. 29 at 9:00 AM.