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Couponing seminar a success


It's often reported that people are the poorest in February, after all the Christmas shopping and holiday celebrations, so what better time than January for a class on saving money?

The WVU-Gilmer County Extension Service office saw this opportunity and last Fri., Jan. 10, about 40 people gathered at the Glenville Firehouse to hear a presentation on using coupons by Latasha White.

White began by explaining the best places to find coupons. Of course, everyone knows there are coupons in the Sunday papers, and those are valuable, but there are other places to look as well. For example, White suggested and for coupons that can be used at those specific stores.

Other websites she named included:,, and White also named a couple of coupon databases: and She suggested, where you can see a list of coupons that will be coming up.

White shared several important tips that some attendees were totally unaware of. For instance, shoppers can combine manufacturers coupons with store coupons. This is called "stacking."

Some other good tips included:

  • You can use up to three coupons on one item;
  • Rain checks and coupons can be used together;
  • Hand your coupons over to the checker one at a time, not in a stack; and
  • Don't get overwhelmed; ask questions.

The careful shopper does have to pay attention to the fine print. Always look carefully to see if there are limitations or exceptions on the offer. It's also best to check with store managers for store policies concerning coupons as each store may be different.

You may have seen the extreme couponing shows on TV and wondered if YOU could really do this. White advises, "Don't get discouraged, and start small. Your first one or two trips are going to be more out of pocket, so buy the things you need first and earn rewards. Then, once you get enough rewards, you will be able to get stuff free!"

White presented a wealth of useful information and the seminar only lasted about an hour. Refreshments were served and door prizes were given out, making the whole event fun and very appropriate.

The Extension Office did ask for suggestions for future classes. If there's something you'd like to know more about, call Lisa Montgomery at 304-462-7061 and let her know.