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Newspaper website is back

For over a year, glenvillenews.com has been, for all practical purposes, either "off or on" or "out of commission." Now, however, the site has been redesigned and is being updated weekly, sometimes more often as breaking news comes in.

The website was designed by local businessman Stanley McLaughlin II, who owns Data Solutions. Kristal Sheets is now managing the web page.

Having lived in Glenville between 2001 and 2004, Sheets has returned to Glenville after being gone for several years. She was a contributor to the paper during most of time she lived in Glenville, and in 2005, she, as editor, won a WV Press Association award for "Best Columnist" for a 2004 submission to her column titled "Don't Get Me Started." 

Now, as the website manager, among other duties, she is uploading the current week's news, photos and goings on around Gilmer County. Sheets states: "We're hoping to make the website a destination, not an afterthought, for people who enjoy the newspaper. To this end, many new features are going to be implemented over time to enhance the experience of readers."

In addition to the week's top news stories, you can find submissions on the site from our weekly columnists, like Geraldine Marks's Around the Kitchen Table and Joanne Woodyard's Cedarville News. As the year progresses, an archive of these writings will be accumulated so readers can revisit their favorite columns. Obituaries will be archived, as well.

We do have a spot for classified advertising on the web and are able to offer that service for a nominal fee of $2 in addition to whatever the print cost would be. (Classifieds must run in the printed paper to be eligible for placement on the web.) Display advertising will be offered soon.

Sheets is still working out all the kinks, but the site is being updated each Fri. after the papers have been distributed. She has some amazing ideas to make glenvillenews.com fun and interactive, so all of our readers and followers are encouraged to take a look at it.

For instance, in the next couple of weeks, you will be able to browse the photo gallery and buy digital copies of photos that are suitable for printing. As Valentine's Day draws near, pictures of Gilmer County scenes will be ready to send electronically with a message in an "e-Valentine." Each week there will be a new survey to take regarding local events and issues, and links to these surveys will be found on our Facebook page.

We appreciate all of our Facebook followers and enjoy getting new "likes" daily. The Facebook page will remain and we welcome comments on it, if readers want to respond to something they saw in the paper or let us know about an event that is upcoming. In the future, the posts on Facebook, as well as Twitter, will link users to glenvillenews.com so that they can read the full story there. Icons linking directly to these pages will be displayed on each page of the newspaper's website.

"We hope that Facebook and Twitter will help us drive readers toward stories on the website that have relevance to them as citizens of Gilmer County and elsewhere," says Sheets.

As noted, Sheets is still tweaking the site to make it user-friendly and to get hundreds of old photos uploaded for viewing, but we invite our readers to check it out.

We editors realize in this digital age that some folks just aren't picking up the newspaper as much as before.
On the other hand, some of our readers don't mind a little black ink on their fingers and like doing a crossword puzzle the old fashioned way. We certainly want to reach our customers through the medium, in which they prefer to get the news. Give us feedback by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or phone 304-462-7309, if there is some story you love or hate.