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City Police Activities Report

police dept signGlenville Officer Jeremy Jenkins handed out the November 2013 City Police Department's "Activities Report" to Mayor Dennis Fitzpatrick and the City Council members at their Mon., Dec. 2 public meeting.

In his synopsis of the November police department's actions, Officer Jenkins outlined that 12 citations were given, down by 53 from the previous month. The decrease may have been caused by more motorists paying attention to the speed limit signs around town, and Mayor Fitzpatrick's effort to enforce those limits for the public's safety, as he announced in the previous November City Council meeting.

In contrast to the previous citation and contact activity in October, the department took on 12 new cases in November, which was an increase of five.

As a result, two people were questioned about shoplifting and one other person was cited for underage possession of tobacco.

In addition, several arrests were made, including two for obstructing, one for driving while license was revoked, one for letting an unlicensed driver behind the wheel and moving, two for domestic battery, two for domestic assault and one for an attempted escape.

Warning tickets issued in November were 34, a decline of 43 from October.

The P.D. officers made 35 traffic stops in November, down 63 from October.

The Department received 40 calls for assistance in November, a decrease of 3 from October.

Altogether, the city Police Department, Officer Jenkins commented, made 71 total contacts for the month, compared with 141 the previous month, or a downward plummet of 70 contacts.

In year-to-date figures, he noted that the department had made 621 traffic stops, 551 calls for assistance and 1,172 contacts.

The City Council accepted November's Police Department's Activities Report, after several minor questions about it.

(Editor's Note: The exact listing of these contacts will be printed in a future issue(s) of this newspaper, as space under the "Courthouse News" section permits.)

Special Bond Ordinance
In another important agenda item at the December meeting the council moved not to read the 2nd Reading of the Special Bond Ordinance and afterwards, approved it.

This ordinance enables the city and Glenville Utility to raise $3.2 million to improve and replace many of the city's aging waterlines. The 3rd and final reading will be at the next council meeting on Mon., Jan. 6 at 7 p.m. (Normally, a Public Hearing takes place beforehand.)

Special Election
City Recorder-Treasurer Debbie Starcher Johnson confirmed that the Special Levy Election to continue the street, lighting, and curb maintenance and upgrades will be on Sat., Feb. 8, 2014, with early voting starting on Feb. 1 at City Hall.