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PSD discusses Water Project Delays

Bemoaning various setbacks in the first third of the project, the Glenville Public Service District's Board of Directors sidelined two projects at the Nov. 12, 2013 meeting.

At the recent Dec. 10, 2013 meeting, they got to hear some backlash to that decision.

One of the projects associated with the Coxs Mills Water Project was to extend the waterline to the Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center. Representing the institution at the meeting was Brian Sterns (Director of the Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center) who was saddened by the news. He had even received the okay (from various sources) to contribute another $50,000, if that would move the project forward. Unfortunately, this would not be enough and the money was not accepted.

PSD President William "Bill" Stalnaker also apologized to Sterns, indicating that someone should have informed him immediately (from either the PSD or from Thrasher) that the project had been put on hold. He also related that the C-GCC project was not the only one sidelined, but the Coxs Camp extension had been also.

Still, Sterns stoically endorsed the project and lamented that the Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center would still have to rely on its antiquated water purification system to get water for its students. Students that (he pointed out) come almost 50-50 from Gilmer as well as Calhoun Counties.

Sterns also thanked the PSD for the opportunity to work with them to fix the C-GCC's water woes and requested to be kept updated when the project is restarted. In the meanwhile, he relayed he would be penning a request to State Delegates Brent Boggs and David Walker to request any assistance from their end. He mused that maybe one or both of them could shake some more money free to get the PSD to put the C-GCCÕs project back on track.

After discussion of Stern's issues, the meeting steered back to the reasons for the many delays. Ed Mitchell (representing Thrasher Engineering) explained that, in addition to the difficulty of boring through the hard rock, that it has become increasingly difficult to work with the WV-DOT. Slippages, uneven spots after boring, and damp areas below culverts have all been addressed, however.

Also, the official rulings on conduit are changing. The new rules include one requiring all underground conduits needing to be cased. Mitchell commented that he didn't know whether this project would fall under the new or old rules and the WVDOT hasn't informed Thrasher yet.

Chris Allen (representing Capital-Valley contractors) also chimed in on the bores. Currently, eight-inch bores are the primary issue, but the two-inch bores under roadways and streams are also having issues. Also, several landowners along the project's right-of-way are being quite picky about placement of lines (requiring precise placement of flags) and placement of meters for current and/or future use of the eventual water flow.

Commenting on the new WV-DOT rulings, Allen continued that they might require 12-inch bores in some places. This would increase drill times even more, especially with the density of the rock they have already been drilling through and with only two crews working.

Mitchell estimated that the work crews are at approximately 60-percent of the days allotted for the project, and have placed about 39-percent of the required pipe distance. Otherwise, he continued, that "very little had changed since last month." According to his calculations, the project is about 49-percent through its funding.

Mitchell finished by observing that the work crews have had a very high number of "rain days" recently: nine, which is very high considering they only had five unworkable days during the summer and fall.

In a previous meeting, Eric Squires had been tasked to review options for a security system for the Board offices. He has looked at several 4-, 6-, and 8-camera wired systems and recommends an 8-camera system for flexibility. He stated he will get specifics and report back to the Board.

Before adjournment, the Board also read and approved the previous meeting's minutes, reviewed and okayed the 2014 Holiday Calendar (with minor revisions), and agreed to leave the employee Holiday bonus the same as last year.

Present were: William "Bill" Stalnaker, Ed Mitchell, Chris Allen, Sallie Mathess, Cary Smith, Eric Squires, Bryan Sterns, David Corcoran, Jr., Brenda Lawson, and Larry Chapman.