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Commissioners receive 'unencumbered funds' balance: benefits to be spread out

county commission signThe County Commissioners received some good news at their first Dec. meeting. With the Sheriff's settlement now up-to-date, the unencumbered funds balance was presented with a total of $193,573. Money will be divided up among several accounts, pending approval by the State Auditor. 

The Parks and Recreation account is to receive $15,000. Commissioner Larry Chapman asked that his fellow commissioners remember the requests from the golf course and recommended that $5,000 of that money be given to it to help with maintenance expenses. He contended that the golf course provides recreation to both males and females, young and old.

The other commissioners agreed and asked that the matter be included on the agenda for the Wed., Dec. 18 meeting, so that it could be voted on.

In other money matters, grant applications were signed for three different grants. The county has been awarded $10,000 for the replacement of the roof on the EMS building. A $20,000 grant was also acquired for the replacement of the jailhouse boiler.

Another $2,500 was secured for the Sheriff's tax office computer upgrades, but a change of scope has been requested for that money to make the courthouse restroom on the main floor handicapped accessible. The computer upgrades had already been paid for as it had become an emergency matter for that office, because the public was being affected.

Commissioners praised County Administrator Cindy Wilson for her work in applying for and securing a significant amount of grant money since her employment.