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PSD hears further updates on Coxs Mills water project

After bringing the Oct. 14, 2013 Public Service District meeting to order at 7 p.m. sharp, PSD President Bill Stalnaker and the board quickly reviewed the minutes of the last meeting and moved on to more weighty matters... the continuing work on the Coxs Mills water extension project.

With several normal visitors out, only Ed Mitchell of Thrasher and Chris Allen of Capitol-Valley were available for questions. Mr. Mitchell reported that an estimated 78,640 feet of pipe will be used in the project with approximately 24% already finished.

He also indicated that because of the relatively good weather, they've been able to utilize 142 of the 333 contracted days for the project. The Board indicated that they hoped the good weather will continue.

Currently, there are two crews working. One is working at the Danny Bonnet residence and the other is on Rt. 1 at the curve (tentatively identified as the Peggs property).

Mr. Mitchell also indicated that the water tank mentioned at the last meeting will be put in by Mid-Atlantic Tank with the groundwork starting next Monday (Oct. 21, 2013). Further questions revealed it will be a 24' tall, 53,000 gallon tank and it will be placed "At the very top of Gary Bush's property", according to Mitchell. He then verbally praised Bush for all of his help in getting the location ready for the tank saying that he had gone "above and beyond the call of duty" to help the construction crews.

Mitchell also revealed that there would be an official Thrasher surveying crew in tomorrow (Oct. 15, 2013) rechecking and replacing stakes to make sure all right-of-ways are intact.

Mr. Allen spoke up about the drilling around Rt. 1 at Alice Road. He indicated that they were taking so much time because it was a road crossing issue (drilling under the existing road) and that the rock in that area is extremely hard. So far, they have drilled (horizontally) seven feet in seven days.

With the Coxs Mills plan update finished, the PSD turned to other issues.

Regarding the prison line water issues brought up in the last meeting, a repair bill of $17,887 was estimated. There were a number of expensive components damaged, but it still falls under the money set aside.

The group discussed a leak adjustment request to the total of $116.85. Since everything was in order, the request was granted.

The concept of a Gilmer County-wide phone tree service was mentioned for use in emergencies such as boil water advisories, or other similar Gilmer County disasters. The Board Members looked at the two different services that had been provided as handouts, but requested further information.

Finally, there was a report of a high-pressure water leak near the Sand Fork Post Office. The PSD had been alerted that morning to the leak by Wendell Tomblin.

Bills totaling $112,506.74 came before the Board. The Board voted to pay them.
The Board then scheduled the next meeting for 7 p.m. on Nov. 12, 2013 and then went into Executive Session at 7:31.