Bad show ...

Being elected by us citizens as our representatives to Congress, many of the House of Representative members and some U. S. Senators are acting like spoiled brats over ending the gridlock that has furloughed approximately 800,000 federal employees.

Each political faction, especially in the U.S. House, wants to get its own way - just like little "brat kids," trying to keep everyone away from their new toys.

Relative to toying around with us constituents, it's very evident that the Tea Party Republicans are most at fault for the idling and closing of our National Parks, many smaller government offices, the layoffs of F.B.I agents and other vital anti-terrorist security personnel, and some other crucial governmental staffs, like the budget's operational office economists. Here's the problem's dismal bottom line: The Tea Party demands that the new Affordable Care Act, or the so-called "Obamacare" law, be radically gutted, before they'll vote to restart the federal taxpayer funds to be moved back into the various bureaus in order to get government back on its feet and employees serving the people, once again.

These Tea Party Republicans had better realize that they, too, are working for the people - their constituents - and, indeed, the United States' citizenry is getting very angry over this political tomfoolery that they are trying to pull off. Well, if this publisher had planned a vacation at Yellowstone or any other National Park, I would be furious at the "closed" signs that now turn away visitors to their - the people's - national treasures.

Now, let's face it: the Affordable Care Act is "the law," with even the conservative-leaning U.S. Supreme Court having ruled in its favor in the cases coming before it to-date. If the law does need to be reformed (and it might have to be tweaked in the future), that's a legitimate reason for a new provision to be introduced in separate legislation moving forward. To the contrary, the smooth operations of the federal government shouldn't be held hostage, due to an issue already passed into law and approved by the high court. (Truly, this publisher likes the Affordable Care Act, because, in part, it has required healthcare insurers to charge only a just price for their services. As a result, I've already gotten two checks for premium refunds from my old insurance company for overcharging me for the services not rendered to me. Hence, for healthcare services, I'm not being "gouged" like I, no doubt, was for many years before the act was passed.)

Also, it's my understanding that the federal prison personnel are vital to the nation's safety, so some categories must keep on working, but without pay. That condition also applies to other federal employees, who hold key positions. Moreover, all of their leave requests have also been cancelled, thereby preventing them from attending family reunions, school homecomings, going on annual vacations, etc. That, too, is a real travesty of justice. We editors mean that if you are officially furloughed without pay, it's truly sensible that in crucial positions an employee should keep on working, but not to lose their leave time, which they have already previously earned.

It's true that the federal shutdown hasn't hurt most West Virginians yet, economically speaking, but it has to in the near future, if the congressmen and women don't come to their senses and pass a spending bill, and, then, start to work on increasing the debt ceiling in order to prevent our nation's international credit rating from crashing. Already, some government contractors in other states, like Martin Marietta, who are depending on federal construction dollars, have been shut out of their job sites, so the companies have laid off thousands of workers. If such a deterioration is allowed to continue and to become more widespread, a recession - that could make the Recession of 2008 look like a financial hiccup - might be precipitated. Again, the blame belongs to Tea Party Republicans who are placing fright into the moderates in their party to follow suit, or to lose Super PAC monies in their next election campaigns.

In general, our great nation was founded on the principle of compromise, a time-honored tradition in the lower and upper legislative chambers, when managing our federal government. This tenet has never been understood by the Tea Party's representatives, and if they don't learn how to compromise quickly, these "brats" may be looking for new jobs come election time.

President Barack Obama is holding to the high ground by encouraging the Congress to pass the spending bill without restrictions, like normal. His faith and trust in them (and their ability) to deal professionally with this government shutdown, however, is much greater than what "We the People" believe is in them.

So hey, U.S. Representatives David McKinley (R-1st Dist.), Shelley Moore Capito (R-2nd Dist.), Nick Joe Rahall (D-3rd Dist.), along with our U.S. Senators Joe Manchin and Jay Rockefeller - let's get the federal government moving forward again! Otherwise, we American voters will just spank the brats and send them home after the next election.

David H. Corcoran, Sr., Publisher-Sr. Editor