WV Vapors, Boy Scouts, Little Kanawha Bus Line

New business to be in downtown Glenville

On last Sat., Mar. 1, WV Vapors, a new age "e-cig shop," opened at 20 East Main Street in Glenville, which was the former offices of H & H Railroad and, earlier, Dr. Carl Nichols.

The shop and internet log-on center will feature the Halo and Kanger brands, electronic cigarettes (e-cigs), the user "loads" with whichever e-liquid flavor desired. The basic contents of the e-liquid are nicotine, vegetable glycerine, and propylene glycol. This is a good way to get started "to kick the cigarette habit," which has been proven to be unhealthful. These e-cigs are a good alternative to the regular cigarettes and taste good in order to ease users off of the real cigarettes.

Moreover, since the e-cig device, which can be rented or purchased, is reusable, it is a much more "green" alternative to standard "cigarette butts."

This new business is the brainchild of two sociable newcomers to Glenville's downtown business scene. They are Scott Roberts and Andy Nottingham, who believe that once everyone understands the concept, their e-cig store and lounge will become quite popular, especially among Glenville State College students, veterans and the general public. In fact, as time goes on, they'll be expanding their offerings with a Coffee Shop atmosphere.

To give the shop modern and dramatic amenities, the new entrepreneurs are creating a lounge-like atmosphere with WiFi, drinks, computers, printers, and comfortable chairs and tables. In addition, they will be offering organic coffees and teas and perhaps light snacks.

Scott Roberts and Andy Nottingham have announced that Wayne Roberts will be the store's day-to-day manager. All of these new entrepreneurs need to be given a hardy welcome to this city by the other businesspeople and general public. After all, if Glenville's downtown business district is to grow, prosper and be as active as it once was before the 1985 Flood, it will take new entrepreneurs, like Scott, Andy and Wayne, to introduce New Age type products in a pleasant atmosphere to be visited and accepted. As a result, we editors hardily welcome them to the city and wish them every success in getting their new business up and running.


Local Boy Scouts move up in the ranks

Really, isn't it just great to have a revival of the Boy and Girl Scouting programs in Gilmer County?

These two groups offer such physically and mentally active, wholesome and traditional youth activities that it was a shame years ago, the groups folded, due to a lack of interest.

Now, with renewed interest in scouting in the county, that's all changed! In fact, it's wonderful to know that parents want more for their children than solely what the TVs, internet and texting have to offer. To the contrary, scouting provides our youths with a view of not only life and nature, but also learning about challenges and adventures, both outdoors and indoors.

As a result, we editors were greatly gratified and heartened to witness the "moving up the ranks ceremony" of Gilmer County's Boy Scout Troop, No. 79, recently at Trinity United Methodist Church in downtown Glenville. Moreover, at that church, the scouts are fortunate to have and to get a big assist from Pastor Mark James, who, in his youth, was a devoted scout himself. Thus, this ceremony was an important "step up" for the youngsters, thereby opening the door to becoming Eagle Scouts. So, congratulations to Alex White, 16; James Dorsey, 14; Garrett Watts, 13; Jacob Butler, 14; and Gabe White, 11! Young men, keep up your good attitudes, willingness to learn and always to seek to find those new frontiers, via adventure! These lessons, you won't forget throughout your lives and they will serve you well in your future schooling and careers, as well.


Big Service ...'Little Kanawha Bus' line

Don't be fooled by the name: it's a big, professional, and badly needed operation! Recently, the Little Kanawha Bus line, which is headquartered in Mt. Zion-Calhoun County, expanded its customer friendly and personalized transportation coverage area to Gilmer County. Hence, we Gilmer Countians are thankful to the Little Kanawha Bus line's (LKB) Board of

Directors and our own Gilmer County Family Resource Network, Inc., for working together for such a long time to make this people's personalized transport service available here.

But, like all nonprofit enterprises, the LKB's Board of Directors must show usage numbers to the federal and state funding agencies in order to keep its higher annual budget up enough to merit its expansion of services here.

The bus line's schedule is user friendly, but Gilmer citizens must organize their personal supermarket, doctor and other visits around the LKB's intensely worked out runs. These are as follows: Mondays-Round trip service along Route 47 and Route 5 West from Linn, Troy, Coxs Mills and Tanner; Wednesdays-Round trip service along Route 5 East from Stouts Mills and Sand Fork. Round trip service along Route 33 from Cedarville and Normantown (This is when the editor sees the LKB bus at Foodland Supermarket at 7 a.m.); 1st Fridays-Round trip service to Clarksburg; 2nd and 4th Fridays-Round trip to Weston; and 3rd Fridays-Round trip to Flatwoods.

To hook up with the LKB is easy. Just call 1-866-354-5522 (TDD: 1-866-354-5522)

Welcome to Gilmer County, LKB; we editors wish you much success!