Hurrah! Price of natural gas is rising

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After about two years, the price of natural gas has been rising of late from its lows of $1.90 per BTU, or so, up to over $3.00 per BTU today.

This is good news for Gilmer County and all of Central West Virginia! But, how could higher prices be a “good thing?”

A benefit: State and Local Governments, which have been faltering under the burden of shrinking natural resources’ severance tax revenues, should now be perking up, once again, thereby giving some relief to those governmental agencies, including the state’s educational sector. Indeed, closing State Police Detachments isn’t a preferred way of reducing expenses.

Back to economics: When prices of a product rise, the companies will start to produce more in order to take advantage of the potential profits and to satisfy new orders. In the case of natural gas, its price over the past two years has been so low that it hasn’t been economical for the local companies to extract it. This disheartening condition has led to many of the smaller and larger oil and gas firms closing their offices here and laying off all but essential personnel. Nobody likes to be out of a job and the state and local governments say, “Ouch!,” to losing those income taxes to fund public services!

Of course, with the improvement in natural gas pricing, that will — at a slow pace at first — put some laid off employees back to work. This is great news for not only jobless individuals, but also the area’s small businesses. The heart of any community is its small businesses, but when workers are laid off, these firms suffer. Hopefully, such monetary hurting will soon end in the New Year of 2016.

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Connect it ... The Dakota Access Pipeline needs to be completed ASAP!

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Hey, time out, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe! Yes, you’ve been hard done by in years past by the American Government, but now you’re living off of our Federal Government’s generosity on reservations which you — yourselves — govern. Look at those other Americans who suffer!

Having lived in West Virginia’s Southern Coalfields, this Editor knows what suffering is like — how joblessness rips apart families, creates drug addicts, promotes school dropouts, lengthens food lines, fosters homelessness, increases suicides, kills small communities and ends people’s hopes of ever achieving the “American Dream.” That’s what happened in our state’s South during the Reagan Recession of the 1980s, and it continues to plague the six coalfield counties even up to this very day. We West Virginians, consequently, know what hurting is all about; it’s not fun.

So, back off Sioux, and let the laborers get back-to-work!

Here are the facts about the Dakota Access Pipeline, as researched by Fact Checker on the internet.

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Gilmer’s ‘Pride’ — Congratulations, Titans!

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The Gilmer County High School Football team had its best season in recent history, and Coach Steve Shuff, his assistants and the team members have engineered an amazing comeback from many, many losing seasons in the past three decades. In contrast to the no win, one-to-three win seasons of past years, the 2016 Titans stunned the high school football world by amassing a 10-0 regular season record, plus one win in the state’s tourney playoffs, battering Summers County, 34-20.

Indeed, this season was one to remember, exciting, riveting and pure pleasure for all of the GCHS alumni and Gilmer Countians, not to mention the high school’s principal, administration, staff, students, parents and fans.

With such a Cinderella season for GCHS this year, it was hard for the team and their coaches to accept becoming the “broken slipper” in their final playoff game, losing to a highly talented St. Marys High team on their home field, many miles away, where the Titan cheering section would be leaner than usual.

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Thanksgiving ... Yes, a time to rejoice!

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We editors and staff, of The Glenville Democrat and Glenville Pathfinder newspapers, wish all of you readers and your families a most Happy Thanksgiving!

Truly, we hope that your Thanksgiving Holiday will be filled with the warmth of your gathered family and/or friends, the joy of your favorite pastime be it watching the traditional football games or chatting with loved ones, but, most of all, that it brings you happiness in your heart of hearts. In addition, best wishes to all of you great family cooks out there, for without you, there wouldn’t be much “Thanks” to give out for Thanksgiving.

Yes, cooking, coming together and feasting have their origin in the United States. Thanksgiving is one of several festive, novel and heartwarming holidays, like Mother’s and Father’s Days, that has originated in the U.S.A. and, then, caught on around the world. Most humbly, we Americans are happy that its popularity has spread so far and wide.

Sadly, by virtue of the recent bloody battles in the Middle East, where friends and foes are indistinguishable, this holiday hasn’t been adopted or even observed for the one short day. Peace can only come to those warring nations if they adhere to, among other attitudes, the respect for life and love of their fellow humans, like we Americans and Western Europeans do at Thanksgiving. On the coin’s other side, if the Arab zealots don’t abide by peacefully settling their disputes, there’s an alternative by way of America’s military strength, advanced education, innovative technology and ethical values to intervene and be given a conquering and caretaker’s role in the affected world region to promote peace whenever and wherever we can. Nevertheless, peace, happiness and love of fellow humans are the cornerstone traits passed down from that first Thanksgiving about 400 years ago.

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