Please attend — Gilmer's Farm Show upcoming

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About every Mountain State county has either a large, gala County Fair or a smaller, more educational Farm Show, and these primarily agricultural, gardening, crafts and animal display events also provide much local entertainment, as well. Braxton and Lewis County’s, along with several others in West Virginia (including the State Fair), feature prominent singers as a main draw.

To the contrary, the Gilmer County Farm Show, which is upcoming on Sept. 6-10, is just a good, old-fashioned rural agricultural activity with low key entertainment and without all of the pomp and glitz of others in the region. It focuses on our region’s youth, particularly the 4-H Clubs and the Future Farmers of America (FFA), in showing off their yearlong projects, such as farm animal displays, school science exhibits, and their club and leadership updates.

The Farm Show’s sponsoring Gilmer County Farm Bureau and WVU-Extension Service, among other agricultural-related cosponsors, want to keep the focus on our youth. This is most significant and forward looking; truly, this is the right course! After all, our country’s small family farms are decreasing in number, thereby placing each state’s USA-made food output at risk. A bad future omen!

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Want success? High School & College students keep reading!

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Summer and vacations are coming to an end, darn it! We adults always know that when school starts with much vigor in Glenville and beyond, as our communities start teeming with students.

For adults, be mindful of your driving, as the students will not be paying attention to you, as they carefreely (and carelessly) walk home with their eyes affixed to iPhones and other electronic gadgetry.

Now in switching gears, what useful advice can we editors give to you students this year?

Student life is fun, but it can also be very trying and even difficult at times. To enhance the good and to lessen the bad, following these suggestions should be of benefit to you, or so the late Frances Myers Schmetzer thought and emphasized to me several years ago.

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