Fiscal woes — County makes hard decisions!

With the State Legislators debating whether or not to cut back the budgets of West Virginia’s state agencies and departments as Governor Earl Ray Tomblin has proposed, it is prudent in these challenging and trying economic times for our local governments to keep a close watch on their own tight budgets, thereby practicing caution, restraint and common sense. Also, perhaps promoting more citizen volunteerism to fill the voids in governmental service left by dwindling finances would be in order.

For example, we editors applaud the Gilmer County Commissioners for keeping an eye on the taxpayers’ monies, looking over every alternative option to increased spending and holding back on tacking on new and costly initiatives to their projected budget for this fiscal year, ending June 30.

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Happy Super Bowl, No. 50!

Most Americans like sports. We watched the various athletic games on the television when we were toddlers — too young to participate, played ball in our backyards as youths, and made the teams in elementary school and possibly high school or college. Great fun, but better exercise we had in those youthful athletic activities.

Better than that, as we played touch football, sandlot baseball, backyard or alley basketball in our neighborhoods with teenage friends, we dreamed — thinking perhaps that we, one day, would become sports stars for our high schools, colleges or maybe even the pros.

Those were the good old days before we learned the sad truth: “We weren’t good enough!” Or, an injury prevented us from excelling in our favorite sport. Finally, perhaps our parents didn’t encourage us because, after all, studies, not sports, would land us our big job and adult happiness and prosperity.

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Welcome for ... GSC's Dr. Milan Vavrek

It's rare to find any public man or woman (excluding all of those perfect people running for president this year) with an exceptional record of truly helping people, especially those in need.

But, Glenville State College found such a person to be its interim Vice President for Academic Affairs.

A 10-year veteran here, Dr. Milan Vavrek (pronounced Vav-rick) is no stranger to the college, having served as the Chair of the nationally-acclaimed Land Resources, Forestry and Surveying Division, now located in the WACO Center. But, his new post is located next to the President's Office in the Harry Heflin Administration Building.

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Kudos to ... Gilmer County—rated the State's tops in business starts-ups!

Congratulations are in order for the local entrepreneurs who established six new businesses in Gilmer County!

Generally, our small county is forgotten at the State Capitol and throughout the rest of the state. To the contrary, last December it only took six or so local, bold business people to change that disappointing perception.

Most notably, their six new businesses that emerged during December 2015, percentage-wise, vaulted Gilmer County to the No. 1 business incubating county among the Mountain State’s other 54 counties.

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