Old Tire pickup ... Gilmer Countians need to stamp out the 'litterbugs' on our roads

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As the end of summer’s vacation season comes, the litter along our county's highways and secondary roads has been increasing, thereby creating ugly sections in our otherwise beautiful countrysides.

Such scenes here and throughout our region are offensive to the eyes not only for visiting motorists, but also for those of us living and working here.

People from throughout the county and region need to be vigilant as to who the litterbugs are and to report the suspects to police authorities. A lot of times, just a visit from a law officer will straighten up the offender.

In addition, we all need to be careful about storing junk in our yards, because these objects can become unsightly, unsafe and, often times, unhealthy items of debris. For example, when it rains, the discarded car and truck tires hold water; you’ve heard of the spread of the hated “Zika virus,” have you not? They incubate in stale, standing water.

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Register — Don't forget to sign up to vote this November!

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Don’t let the national political drama, intrigue and senselessness turn you off from exercising your constitutional right to vote!

America and West Virginia's hotly-contested 2016 presidential and gubernatorial races, respectively, will be culminating on the upcoming General Election Day of Tues., Nov. 8. This is when the Democratic and Republican parties' candidates face off at the presidential level, nationally, on down to the state and local level offices all across America.

Nevertheless, to vote for president, governor or any other national, state or local area elected officials, one must — first of all — register to vote. So, if you haven't registered here in Gilmer County or elsewhere, do so ASAP.

The deadline for registering to vote is 4 p.m. on Tues., October 18 this year, which is about only one month from now. Hence, time and your action is of the essence.

When you register, please bring to the County Clerk's Office at the Courthouse several forms of identification, including a photo I.D. and utility bill with your current address.

After registering, you will be able to vote in the general election, or to take advantage of the pre-voting options, such as early voting and absentee voting.

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