One Down... Republican Party Convention concludes with few surprises!

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For all of you readers who enjoy the ups ‘n’ downs, goings arounds and speeches and sounds of the political conventions every four years, the Republican assembly of this past week must have been a feast for you.

In spite of the rhetoric and the furor beforehand, New York businessman Donald Trump, who won most of the G.O.P.’s primary elections, rightly was nominated as the party’s presidential standardbearer. In addition, after much debate, apparent second thoughts, scrutinizing and politicking with the party’s faithful, Mike Pence, the governor of Indiana, was named as Mr. Trump’s running mate. On the national scene, Mr. Pence is a relative unknown, but adheres to the strict conservative Republican line of thinking that pleased the party’s regulars, but from whom Mr. Trump — to the G.O.P.’s discontent — often strays.

Now that the Republicans have chosen their presidential hopeful, it is up to the Democratic Party at their Philadelphia convention this week to select theirs. Hence, we, the common people, have another week of listening to all of the traditional speeches, hearing the rhetoric and being introduced to obscure candidates who talk about their hopes for America. Of course, like G.O.P. convention, we already know who the nominee will be: Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State, U.S. Senator and First Lady. Already decided, her running mate, U.S. Senator Timothy Kaine, a Virginian, comes from a swing state, badly needed by the Democrats.

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Alert — ‘National Night Out’ to be on next Tues., Aug. 2

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The annual “National Night Out for 2016” has received very little publicity to-date, but we editors hope that this lack of information is not a forecast of a less than special evening of funfilled activities for our area’s children and families.

In years past, the local “National Night Out” has been a useful “last blast of summer” and pre-fall semester community activity, which sparks energy, joy, information and a crowd to downtown Glenville. For coming here, area folks, particularly children, are entertained, prepared for school and, if lucky, become prize winners of many different useful items.

Sponsored by the City of Glenville, Gilmer Family Resource Network, Inc., and other community partners, this night of 10,000 American cities (Glenville included) will be held from 6-to-9 p.m. on next Tues., Aug. 2 at the City Square Park, Main Street. Fun for the entire family, past Night Outs have featured activities, such as yoga, Zumba, games, boxing, firetruck rides, free hot dogs, and free backpacks and school supplies while supplies last. For more information, contact the Family Resource Network (FRN) at 304-462-7545 or the City Hall at 304-462-8040.

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Kudos to… Gilmer County’s Board of Education on getting a head start on this academic year

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Already the Gilmer County Board of Education is making several concrete plans for getting this next academic year off to a fast, promising and proper start.

First of all, they are releasing the Bus Schedules early, so that we editors can print them once in each newspaper on two consecutive weeks, starting three weeks before the start of school in mid-August. Then, we’ll reprint them in both papers at the same time the week before the first day of school — as a reminder.

Secondly, the staff of the new Gilmer County Elementary School is getting off to a great beginning by sponsoring an Open House from 3-to-6 p.m. on Thurs., Aug. 11. Please mark your calendars for this event, all of you parents, relatives and interested community members! This Open House should prove to be an eye-opener to the whole community because the school will be a state-of-the-art facility, just like the new Leading Creek Elementary. Truly, it will be one that our citizens can be proud of.

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Help needed… Some kids lack supplies!

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Many local families that have been adversely affected by the slowdown in the Oil & Gas Industry are wanting and needing of basic school supplies for their school aged children.

Often purchasing backpacks and school supplies are too great a burden for many economically challenged families to afford. Without these necessary supplies for success, many young people will be struggling from the first day of school, and some even becoming discouraged throughout the entire academic year.

As a result, we, in this area, are lucky to have an active Gilmer County Family Resource Network (FRN), along with several other nonprofit and forward thinking business groups, to host the upcoming “Back to School Bash” on Tues., Aug. 2. This is combined with the City of Glenville’s “National Night Out,” which involves over 10,000 communities all across the nation. Families attending this evening of gala events with their children can pick up their school supplies, while the quantities last.

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