New Year's ... Resolutions for 2017

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We editors make New Year's Resolutions, or why don’t you? In that way, we all can improve ourselves, slowly if not for surely.

For this senior editor, the New Year is going to have to be one of diet and exercise, unfortunately those being my resolutions for the past few years. I didn't adhere to them before, but “hope reigns eternal!”

On the other hand, I trust that each of you can set several pretty productive goals to enhance your health, lives and finances!

Hence, for each New Year's celebration, our newspaper traditionally works up a "New Year's Resolution List" for the next 365 days, thus helping many Gilmer Countians, particularly our public, semi-public officials or other well-regarded personages, to excel, to be productive and to be happy.

The general public should be heartened to know that almost everyone is working for the upgrading of our county. So, we believe that these good and visionary folks should be commended for their efforts to help.

To all military personnel either native to or connected with Gilmer County, we wish you a safe New Year wherever you are serving our country. We hope that your dedicated efforts for our Great Nation the world over will bring you satisfaction and distinction. Most importantly, we pray that 2017 will bring an end to our Syrian presence, and that President-Elect Donald Trump’s Administration will be able to bring about a “negotiated settlement of the largest refugee crisis since World War II. (He stated that he is a great negotiator, so now he’s on the front lines to prove it.) Like in Iraq and Afghanistan, if the Syrian Government ever wants to live in a peace, not war; in safety, not bloodshed and death; and in beautiful cities, not bombed out ones, they'll have to embrace a peaceful settlement of their differences.

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