Kudos to… Gilmer County’s Board of Education on getting a head start on this academic year

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Already the Gilmer County Board of Education is making several concrete plans for getting this next academic year off to a fast, promising and proper start.

First of all, they are releasing the Bus Schedules early, so that we editors can print them once in each newspaper on two consecutive weeks, starting three weeks before the start of school in mid-August. Then, we’ll reprint them in both papers at the same time the week before the first day of school — as a reminder.

Secondly, the staff of the new Gilmer County Elementary School is getting off to a great beginning by sponsoring an Open House from 3-to-6 p.m. on Thurs., Aug. 11. Please mark your calendars for this event, all of you parents, relatives and interested community members! This Open House should prove to be an eye-opener to the whole community because the school will be a state-of-the-art facility, just like the new Leading Creek Elementary. Truly, it will be one that our citizens can be proud of.

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Help needed… Some kids lack supplies!

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Many local families that have been adversely affected by the slowdown in the Oil & Gas Industry are wanting and needing of basic school supplies for their school aged children.

Often purchasing backpacks and school supplies are too great a burden for many economically challenged families to afford. Without these necessary supplies for success, many young people will be struggling from the first day of school, and some even becoming discouraged throughout the entire academic year.

As a result, we, in this area, are lucky to have an active Gilmer County Family Resource Network (FRN), along with several other nonprofit and forward thinking business groups, to host the upcoming “Back to School Bash” on Tues., Aug. 2. This is combined with the City of Glenville’s “National Night Out,” which involves over 10,000 communities all across the nation. Families attending this evening of gala events with their children can pick up their school supplies, while the quantities last.

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Time out! ... America and Americans need time for healing!

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Our great nation and we citizens have been jarred by the violent events of this past week. Brutality, racial unrest and killing seem to be reigning everywhere, from the northern Mid-West states of Minnesota and Michigan to the southern bayous of Louisiana.

No fair-minded citizen can condone the violence against either Black Americans or police officers, but, tragically, we’ve seen this trend engulfing both within the past week. Starting on Tues., July 5, a police officer shot and killed a black man selling CDs outside of a Baton Rouge convenience store, the resulting death of Alton Sterling being graphically telecast on social media by those standing nearby. That alarming incident was rapidly followed by a policeman’s shooting of Philando Castile by a Falcon Heights, Minnesota officer in a traffic stop for a broken out taillight, but narrated on Facebook by his girlfriend who was also in the car. These deaths, both of which placed the officers under internal Police Dept. investigations, apparently underlined the importance of “Black Lives Matter,” a slogan adopted by that national movement of color following the police actions leading to the well-publicized deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Feddie Gray.

With peace marches going on later all across America in protest of the two latest killings, raw pandemonium broke loose at one in Dallas, Texas where an angry black sniper opened fire on policemen patrolling the to-then peaceful demonstration. The awful shoot-out left five police officers dead and seven wounded, before the perpetrator of these dastardly slayings was killed. Then on Monday, two judicial court police bailiffs were shot and killed by an inmate, possibly seeking revenge. The nation mourns the deaths of these officers, their lives so abruptly and unexpectedly taken in the line of duty.

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Farm fresh ... Gilmer County Farmers Market fills a local need

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Upon visiting the Farmers Market in Glenville last Saturday, this Editor was told that many Gilmer Countians don’t realize that it has such a wide variety of products for sale, so, sadly, many locals are missing out on some good deals, tasty cooking ingredients and healthy products.

Background: Several years ago, the Gilmer County Commissioners gave the idea of establishing the Farmers Market a big boost by pointing out that many local farmers and gardeners would have to take their extra produce to distant cities to avail themselves of public market places to sell their excess crops. Then, the local Economic Development Association picked up on the idea, ran with it and created a nice, sheltered centralized venue for the selling and buying of a wide range of homegrown or homemade products.

Most notably, the Gilmer County Farmers’ Market is now open on Saturday mornings, so that area citizens can purchase healthy, homegrown garden foods. Also, plants and many other diverse products are available.

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