Remember those who need your help


The Cedar Creek Foundation meeting on Saturday evening was very successful. There was a good turn out!

Zell Jones from our church is in the Mon General Hospital in Morgantown for tests. Remember her in your prayers!

Edith Huffman, formerly of Gilmer County, Cedarville, who was living in Braxton County passed away this past week. Our sympathy goes out to her family and friends on their loss.

It is good to see Marie Wilfong back from a trip visiting some of her family.

Our sympathy goes out to the Parsons, Cottrill, Vanhorn, and Burns families on the loss of their loved ones. They will be missed by family and friends.


Kitchen Hints

Clean copper pots with toothpaste or worcestershire sauce, or catsup.

An excellent thickness for soups is a little oatmeal. It will add flavor and richness to almost any soup.

Don't add sugar to stewed fruits until they have boiled for 10 minutes. They need less sugar then.

Lettuce won't “rust” in the refrigerator if it is wrapped in a paper towel.

The coldest part of any refrigerator is the top back shelf.

Try loosening rusty screws by putting a drop or two of ammonia on it.

Rusty bolts usually can be loosened by pouring club soda on them.


Raspberry Jam

5 cups green tomatoes, ground.

5 cups sugar

1 large box raspberry gelatin

Bring all but the gelatin to a boil and boil for 15 minutes, or longer, then add gelatin. Put into jars and seal. I have made a lot of this good tasty spread for biscuits or toast. Give it a try!


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