I recently read an article which stated that Southerners love to spend time on the front porch. I will have to agree with that. Folks in other parts of the country may tend to stick to the backyard, but Southerners know that the front porch is the best place to congregate and to visit with neighbors passing by. It’s about hospitality. Our front porch is a long way from the road, but we do wave to people we know as they pass by. I remember my folks going to the front porch every evening after supper to cool off. This was before we got a TV. Dad would tell ghost stories when it got dark and Mom would tell Cedarville stories. My oldest brother and I would play with hoppy toads that came to the porch steps to catch bugs.

Of course our parents told us not to touch them because they would give us warts, but they never did. Another thing that I liked was all the different kinds of bugs that came to the porch walls at night; hard shelled bugs, moths, granddaddy long legs, millers and I don’t know what all. Dad told me to ask the granddaddy long legs where the cows were and it would start crawling towards them.

See this weeks paper for the rest of the story...


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