It had been a rough day at kindergarten. I was the youngest and smallest boy in my class, but usually I made up for it by being outgoing and leading the other boys in games at recess. I had a vivid imagination and most of the time the other boys enjoyed letting me lead the way. Today, however, for some reason they decided they didn’t want me around. They ran off to play elsewhere leaving me feeling alone, abandoned, and miserable. Slowly, I walked back to the empty classroom, sat down, and cried.

Later, when I got in my Mom’s car to go home I was still sad, silent and sulky. I didn’t want to talk about anything. My Mom seemed to sense what was wrong without me saying a word. She just sat with me and stroked my hair while all of the other cars pulled out. Soon we were the only car left in the parking lot, but my Mom still didn’t turn on the engine. She just looked at me, held me and smiled softly until my spirits lifted and I smiled back. Then, she finally started the car and pulled onto the road. I reached up and held her free hand while she drove us home. I didn’t know why, then, but I was happy again.

See this weeks paper for the rest of the story...


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