I was picking up some refills for my sons’ prescriptions the other day. The pharmacy I use is on a one way street and the only way to turn around is to drive up a hill, turn right, and drive past the county courthouse. I was doing just that when I saw something that hit me right in my heart. A police officer was walking with and guarding the latest casualty of the opioid addiction crisis that has damaged and destroyed so many lives in my state.

This casualty was wearing an orange jump suit and obviously had just come from jail. She was a young woman who looked both shaken and ashamed. Her head was down and her eyes looked only at the sidewalk in front of her. I could feel the sadness of her spirit and I knew that a very difficult road lay ahead of her. When she finally lifted her head for a second, then, I gave her what I could. I looked her in the eyes and I smiled at her with all of the kindness and compassion I had in my heart. For the briefless second I saw her own smile in return. Then she walked into the courthouse and was gone.

See this weeks paper for the rest of the story...


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