The last few months have given me a lot of trouble with my transportation. First my old car finally became so rusted out that I had to trade it in and buy a much younger used one. Then my other car that I had hoped to keep for several more years needed multiple repairs. This caused my hard earned savings to shrink closer and closer to zero. I found myself stewing about it some. I was angry at life and its many problems. I was tired of having to deal with one thing after another. I was upset that no matter how simply I lived my savings never seemed to last for long in this world. All of this anger, too, was distancing me not only from my own love and joy but from God as well.

Today I was praying quietly, hoping for a bit of peace. I started to say the Lord’s prayer. When I reached the part about “Give us this day our daily bread,” I stopped. I felt an aching in my heart and a moistness in my eyes. I realized at that moment that Our Heavenly Father had always given me my daily bread. He had taken care of my material needs so I could be free to focus on loving others. Yet, in my stupidness and selfishness I had forgotten this recently. I had been so intent on being mad at past problems and wishing for future riches that I had forgotten to live and love today.

See this weeks paper for the rest of the story...


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