After I graduated college I struggled to find work. I applied everywhere, but no one was interested in hiring me. Finally I was able to get a job in a group home for mentally disabled adults. It wasn’t easy work. We were responsible for the feeding, dressing, hygiene, and safety of our clients. We had to keep them on a schedule, take them to their supported jobs, and help them to control their behaviors when they acted out. It was a difficult job emotionally and I really wasn’t ready for it. The truth be told I didn’t look forward to going to work each day.

One of our clients in particular was a young man who couldn’t walk and would often act out when frustrated. He did enjoy walking outside, however, so the other workers would often have me take him for a stroll up the road to calm him down. One day when we were out walking I suddenly felt something touch my fingers. The young man was trying to hold my hand. Instead of pushing it away I took his hand in mind and we walked along together in the sunshine.

See this weeks paper for the full story...


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