Recently, I wrote about the old paths that people walked through these hills to get to where they needed to go. Today, I’m going to write about how the country stores got stocked. My husband’s uncle , Ralph Perrine, who was born in 1900, told him that they took a team of horses and a wagon, went as far as Sleeth, and spent the night at a farm where they were welcomed. Supper and breakfast were provided and the travelers would throw down a nickel or quarter, whatever they could afford.

From there they went on to Gassaway, to a warehouse for a load of supplies. There were warehouses in towns, similar to our Sams Clubs of today. Duane’s Uncle Ralph helped on some of those trips. After loading the wagon at the warehouse, they were on their way back home and stopped again at the same farm to rest up for the night.

See this weeks paper for the full story...


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