We were reading in the Charleston Gazette this Saturday morning about a movie that was made and it will be premiering at the Elk Theater in Sutton on April 7th. The movie will be released on DVD and Amazon in April. We both have memories of when this scare came about. It was September of 1952. I was 7 years old. Dad bought day old bread, donuts and pies from a man who drove a bread truck and took supplies to stores. What was left over was the man’s to do with as he pleased. He drove the 119 & 33 route by our house and stopped to sell things to us.

Well, I remember one evening that I was sitting out in the front porch swing and the bread truck came along. Dad went down to the road and they talked for a long time. When he came back up to the house, he said, “Ha, that will be the last of him.”

See this weeks paper for the rest of the story...


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