Aside from socks and underwear at Christmas and an occasional new pair of sneakers, I never got any new clothes as a child. What I got were hand-me-downs. My coats, jackets, shirts, sweaters, pants, and even belts were all clothes that my older brothers had grown out of and then been given to me. My clothes were often torn, sewn, and patched. They were never “in style.” I didn’t resent having to wear them, though. We weren’t rich and new clothes were a luxury not a necessity. That is just the way it was. Most of my friends in school were dressed in hand-me-downs as well.

Even today I often shop at thrift stores and rarely buy new what I can find used. It is just who I am. I happily reject the march of materialism that so many other follow and find my true treasures not in money, but in people, not in stuff but in ideas, not in things from stores but in feelings from the heart.

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