That’s what Dad would have called it. This has seemed like a winter in Michigan to me. We have rounded up our warmest clothes and have wrapped up in our throws in our recliners. I light the oven every day to bake something and make it cozy in here. Have been making buttermilk cornbread a lot. It was 8 below zero this morning when we got up and has been colder than that. I am thankful for a good warm house to stay in and that I don’t have to brave icy, snow covered roads, trying to go to work somewhere. I find myself staying up later with my crochet hobby and checking news feed on FB. Then, I can sleep in later the next morning. I get priorities done and the first thing you know, it is dark again. Time doesn’t slow down. It only goes by faster as we get older. Mom used to say, “ Make hay while the sun shines,” and she found me a big sunny badge with those words on it that I clipped to my sweater and wore to school because it was so pretty.

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