Ministers and Elders “laying on hands” and praying to ordain Fellow member Mike Stutler.

The first Sabbath of each month is a busy one for the Seventh-day Adventists. That is when the special Fellowship Dinner is scheduled and everyone is asked to bring extra food. We certainly exceeded expectations this past Sabbath with many casseroles and other items. The public is invited to these first-Sabbath feasts so that we can get acquainted with our neighbors.

Tony and Maria Metzler added joy to the day by choosing to renew their wedding vows with a beautiful service, bride, flower girls, etc. They had beautifully decorated one section of tables with a lovely tiered wedding cake, balloons, flowers and other items to create an aura of love and peace. They had written their own vows and read them to each other. Very sweet. I repeat my invitation for you to come visit us any Sabbath, but if you want a good food afterwards, for certain, make it the first Sabbath of any month.

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Bats in the belfry and one got in the church and was hiding under the organ bench when I went up to my organ last Wednesday night. We are into revival and I play organ before church and after. I yelled for my husband to come and get it before the service turned into a Mississippi Squirrel Revival. In this case a West Virginia bat revival. I thought there was something wrong with it because when I put my cane up to it, it just spread it’s webbed wings but didn’t move. He said they fly at night and sleep in the daytime, so maybe it was just sleepy.

Bats like to get in the bell tower of churches because they like darkness. They do eat insects that fly at night but we don’t like them getting in our houses or the church. One got in my parents house one night and Mom said she batted it all over the bedroom with a broom and finally got it. One other time a chipmunk got in their house and was making noises and keeping them awake at night, when it would go in their bedroom.

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It was the end of the longest day of the year. I had worked hard all day long and was now looking forward to a good night’s sleep. The sky was just beginning to get dark, the clouds had cleared, and the moon was hanging like a silver sickle in the sky. I leashed up my dog for his last walk of the day and opened the back door. He bounded out and dragged me behind him, and then, suddenly, he stopped cold. I stepped off the deck and saw what had caught his attention. The fireflies, also known as lightning bugs, had returned to my backyard. Hundreds of them were blinking their lights on and off and the meadow behind my house was live with their light. I stood mesmerized by this yearly miracle. It was such a glorious sight. Their light filled me with energy and made my own smile shine. They reminded me again of just how wonderful this world is. They reminded me again of just how much God must love us all to give us such beauty to delight in. I walked around in peaceful contentment until my dog finally finished his business and dragged me back to my home.

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The last few months have given me a lot of trouble with my transportation. First my old car finally became so rusted out that I had to trade it in and buy a much younger used one. Then my other car that I had hoped to keep for several more years needed multiple repairs. This caused my hard earned savings to shrink closer and closer to zero. I found myself stewing about it some. I was angry at life and its many problems. I was tired of having to deal with one thing after another. I was upset that no matter how simply I lived my savings never seemed to last for long in this world. All of this anger, too, was distancing me not only from my own love and joy but from God as well.

Today I was praying quietly, hoping for a bit of peace. I started to say the Lord’s prayer. When I reached the part about “Give us this day our daily bread,” I stopped. I felt an aching in my heart and a moistness in my eyes. I realized at that moment that Our Heavenly Father had always given me my daily bread. He had taken care of my material needs so I could be free to focus on loving others. Yet, in my stupidness and selfishness I had forgotten this recently. I had been so intent on being mad at past problems and wishing for future riches that I had forgotten to live and love today.

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