As a Seventh-day Adventist, I believe the Bible teaches that there are good Christians in every church, from the mother church to all the daughter churches, but there is a message in Revelation for all of those, in fact for all end-time people sort of like Noah had for 125 years before the flood came. Only 8 people got on the ark and were saved. There will always be LESS people who get ready for these things than those who won't. Just as the Bible says: “As it was in the times of Noah” so it will be at His 2nd coming. The end time is upon us and although there are “saved” people in every denomination, including the Catholic Church and on down through all the Protestant churches, there are some very special messages for all of God's people in the end of time who are in every church to “Come out of her, MY PEOPLE” - you see, HIS people ARE in every church. (He says so right there, calling them MY people.) He has a special message for all the people He loves so much. If any of them refuse, and don't “come out” it will be a fatal choice. That is why we have so many television stations carrying programs about Jesus' second coming. Amazing Facts, Hope Channel, 3ABN, Loma Linda, The Voice of Prophecy, Quiet Hour, and many others. too! Many Adventist churches have programs going all the time with messages asking other Christians to consider carefully their beliefs and check them out with what the Bible says. Not because we think others are not good Christians, but because God has sent these special messages to all His people through the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

History shows that Protestants protested certain things that the mother church was ignoring, like baptism by immersion for older people who had studied His Word and understood what they are doing (not infants). The Baptist Church took baptism back from the past but didn't go on to embrace other changes. There were other messages through Luther and the Wesley's and other reformers, but the churches just seemed to organize after centering on one certain doctrine and didn't go on with the reformation to find other “missing” pieces, the doctrines that had been changed or lost. The churches sort of STOPPED where they were.

If you read the Bible and go online and get “Reformation” or “Jesus' 2nd coming” sites and study for yourself, I think you will be surprised at what all we lost from the beginning of the church when Jesus was here the first time. Maybe a review of just the reformation itself would help you. It's history. The Bible has a special message for us “end-of-time” people. So, with that in mind, some of you may decide to ask the Lord to help you find TRUTH for these latter days so that we can all get ready to meet the Lord when He comes back for HIS PEOPLE. If you REFUSE to look into this through your own study (there are so many ways online), then perhaps you will NOT be among those who are ready for Jesus when He comes back real soon. Do yourself and your friends and family a favor and investigate this and pray deeply for God to tell you what to do. I think He will tell you because He loves you and wants you to read and heed His Word, no matter what tradition or doctrine you may find that is difficult to part with. Revelation 14:12 and on tell us something about it, with verse 12 describing those who haven't received the mark of the beast and are ready for His coming. It is your faith which is like Jesus' faith, “the faith OF Jesus” and not our works that save us. If you have that “faith” it means you have Jesus IN you, so you will be like Him, following what He would do. The first four commandments show us how to love God supremely and the last six show us how to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Jesus says, “If you love me, you WILL keep my commandments.” The new covenant says He puts the laws into our hearts and so they become a part of us and we will naturally follow them after a while of “beholding Jesus and becoming changed.” It is He who changes our hearts so we become more like Him. It is not WE who are doing it, but He who is in us. Does that make us perfect? In God's eyes it does. What He sees in judging us is Christ's righteousness, not our fumbling, stumbling, unChristlike behavior. But as long as Jesus is in us, His Righteousness saves us. So, please search it out or search online or call us and ask for information on whatever subject may be troubling you. Call 304-472-0962 and leave a message asking for information on whatever subject from the Bible about which you have questions.

We are proud of Sheri-Lyn Sapp who is a member of our Seventh-day Adventist Church in Buckhannon. She plays the organ or piano for our services, types our weekly church bulletin and so many other projects and activities to help our church services run smoothly. She works in the Deli at Walmart and we are proud that she was chosen as Walmart Associate of the Month for August 2020. Michelle Mills wrote on Walmart's Facebook News and Event site: “Shout out to Sheri-Lyn who strives to do her best with every task, and she does everything with enthusiasm and excitement especially when learning something new.” Be sure to congratulate her when you see her.


By Jeanette Riffle,

I got a call from a first cousin on the Stewart side this past week and she was telling me that she has opened her front porch up to anyone in the neighborhood that wants to come over and talk. She has invited all her neighbors. They have an older home there down in Virginia with a great big front porch.

They are getting a lot of company. This is on a rural route and everyone knows each other. Shirley Ann said that it reminded her of when we used to be visiting at our Stewart grandparents farm below Normantown and in warm weather, we would all sit out on the front porch and talk.

I remember eating sour apples from the orchard and Grandmother would tell us to put salt on them or we would get a belly ache. They must not have been ripe enough to eat. They were Early Harvest apples. They sure made good applesauce and apple pies.

Also, I remember watching Grandmother crack out hickory nuts from the tree on the bank near the road. She had a big rock in her lap, a hammer and a bowl full of nuts. She put a nut on that big rock and cracked the shell open with the hammer. After she had cracked and picked out a tea cup full, she would go bake a chocolate cake with chopped hickory nuts in it. People have asked me how she made that cake and I watched her but she just put it together. She didn't have a recipe. She didn't have measuring cups and measure spoons, she used a tea cup as a cup measure and a pinch of this and a pinch of that. Mom didn't have tea cups. She had coffee cups and they were a different size. I tried to make it one time but it didn't turn out like Granny's. And, the same thing with those dried apple pies. She just made them. I've told the relatives how she did it but there is no recipe.

When I was growing up, we went to the front porch, too, after the evening chores were done. Sometimes we would still be sitting out there after dark. Dad liked to tell ghost stories and Mom told Cedarville stories of when she was growing up. She liked telling about those ornery boys up Cedarville. It was a way of entertaining back in the day. They told us stories of our ancestors on both sides, too. We do the same thing when our son and granddaughter come home from Michigan. Not so much ghost stories though unless it is something comical.

There are so many front porch memories that I could almost write a book but I will wrap it up for this time.

We hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend and that you all stay safe and stay well. Take care and God bless!

Growing up in Glenville we all shared our parents with each other. In addition to my Mama, I had Mom and Dad Gainer, Mom and Dad Chisler and Mom and Dad Coffman.

Since I moved back, I have been lucky enough to step right back into the Coffman family and enjoy the family's company. My friend, Julia, (Julie Dooley) has been in Glenville for almost two months and I have been lucky enough to enjoy spending time with her and her family.

This past weekend, I was invited to a shrimp boil to celebrate the birthday of Lora Coffman. And, what a celebration it was!

It was so fun!

Another friend of mine since grade school, Terri Woodyard Lilly, was also in for the celebration and I enjoyed spending time with her.

I visited with Sam and Wendy Arnold. Sam is the son of the former owner of this newspaper. His father allowed me to write a few stories when I was in college and learning to be a writer. When he walked onto the deck he looked up and said “Myra Chico.” It took me a minute to recognize him. We both have been gone a very long time. I told him stories of when his dad, Bob, allowed me to write for him and some of the things he taught me.

I met Devon (Chapman) and David DesRochers. I learned things from Devon about Gilmer County that I had never known before. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her and I'm sure we will be doing some things together that we planned during the Lora Celebration!

Visiting with Desi Garrett made the evening even more wonderful! Just sitting and talking with her while we ate, reminiscing about our younger years.

The whole evening was filled with laughter, a lot of food, a wonderful cake and all of it was in honor of Lora.

Lora was the “little sister” when we were in high school. She was still in grade school. I remember her being around, but she wasn't one of those “pain in the butt” little sisters. Celebrating her was easy and exciting. And what a joy filled evening we had!

Little groups of people talking all over the deck. Kids playing games and playing with Lora's dog. Amazing food. Lots of good drinks. Wonderful company and an evening filled with love and laughter.

As the evening became later, a fire in a fire pit warmed up the night. As Julie, Lora and I stood around the fire, the talking turned to more serious issues and then the laughter took over.

I returned home that evening with a lighter heart and a pep in my step that I haven't had in several months. It was fun to see people I hadn't seen in years, meet new friends and it was also fun to just sit and talk with friends I've known my whole life.

Happy Birthday Lora Coffman! Thank you for sharing your special day, your family and friends with me!!

By Joseph Mazzella,

My grown daughter, Beth, comes over to my house every day to help me take care of her handicapped brothers, but she never comes alone. She always brings her furry “children” with her. Her four dogs added to my two makes for a noisy, barky, sometimes fun, sometimes chaotic household, but one that is full of laughter and love.

This morning during a quiet period when all the dogs were napping, I tried to get a little work done on my computer. Beth was sitting on the couch next to my desk with her little brother snuggled up next to her. Her smallest dog, Lexie, lay snoozing across her shoulders. I was glancing at an email when I saw the date on the bottom of my computer screen. It was getting close to my mom's birthday again. It had been 29 years ago since she died of cancer. Still, the passage of the years didn't make me miss her any less. I looked up at her picture on the wall and felt an ache in my heart. What I wouldn't give to know she was alright. What I wouldn't give to have just one more hug and kiss from her. I felt my eyes start to moisten a bit. Then it happened. Quite unexpectedly, Lexie opened her eyes and looked into mine. Then she bounded off Beth's shoulders and jumped into my lap. She put her paws on my shoulders and quickly began to lick my chin. I laughed, petted her, and smiled at this minor miracle. Somewhere deep in my heart I knew that my mom and nudged Lexie awake and whispered in her ear that I needed a good kissing to remind me that she was fine and that I was loved and watched over from above.

This isn't the only time that I have gotten kisses from Heaven either. We all get these little reminders every day that God loves us, and is watching over us. From a sunset, to a butterfly, to a child's laugh, to a penny on the pavement, to a puppy's kiss, they are always around us. Most of us, however, never open our hearts wide enough to recognize them. Don't ignore your own kisses from Heaven. Let them widen your heart and life. Let them strengthen your faith and love. Add your own kindness, your own love, and your own light to them as well. Use your days here to make many moments of joy because that is where Heaven and Earth meet.

Joseph Mazzella is a free-lance writer from Nicholas County and a GSC Alumnus.

Keep On Keeping On


I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend!

Congratulations go out to Ethan Leggett on his job, we are very happy for him.

When I sit around for a rest, I have been crocheting tops on colorful dishtowels.

Our sympathy goes out to all those who have lost loved ones this past week.

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Eugene Allen. He's looking good for 90!

We also want to wish a Happy Birthday to Vivian (Jarvis) Finster. She, too, is 90 years young! She lives in Weston, but was reared in Braxton. She looks forward to attending the Rosedale School Reunion each year. Hopefully in 2021 we can meet at Cedar Creek for the reunion.

Visiting Rosa Sponagule, and family, this past week was her sister, Irene (Smith) Simonds, of Spencer, for a whole week.

Its turning a bit cooler now during the nights. It makes for good sleeping weather.

Keep on Keeping on

If the day looks rather gloomy, and your chances rather slim, if the situation is puzzling and the prospect's very grim, if perplexities keep pressing till hope is nearly gone, just bristle up and grit your teeth and keep on keeping on.

Forgetting never wins a fight and fuming never pays; there is no use in brooding in these pessimistic ways; just smile bravely and cheerfully though hope is nearly gone. And bristle up and grit your teeth and keep on keeping on.

There is no use in growling and grumbling all the time, when music's ringing everywhere and everything's a rhyme; just keeping on smiling cheerfully if hope is nearly gone, and bristle up, grit your teeth and keep on keeping on.

Have a good week, and stay safe!

Someone I love very much does not believe in God. How can we KNOW there IS a God? He has inspired men to write about Him. If He can predict what is going to happen; He says He is Omnipotent (knows everything), then His Word, the Bible should convince us that He is who He says He is. If you have studied prophecy at all, I am sure you know that time prophecies are accurate. Remember the Dead Sea Scrolls that proved to scholars that the Bible we now have was written way before the prophecies proved to be true. One of those prophecies was about the city of Tyre which was to the Middle East sort of like New York City is to our modern world. It was a commercial city in the height of her power in 590 B.C. and seemed like it would stand forever. Ezekiel said that God had shown him that the city would be destroyed, never to be rebuilt. (And it never has.)

History tells us that soon after this prophecy, Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, destroyed the city and left the buildings in ruins, then two and a half centuries later all that was left of the old Tyre buildings was scraped into the sea to build a causeway (a raised road or track across low or wet ground) to an island which was the new Tyre. See: just as predicted in Ezekiel 28, etc. The ruins had been there until Alexander the Great came and wanted to attack the new Tyre. He is the one who scraped off the ruins of old Tyre to make that bridge or causeway so he could conquer the new Tyre. It all happened just like God through Ezekiel had predicted.

Daniel 2 tells of a dream that Nebuchadnezzar had that gave an exact picture of kingdoms in the middle East from Daniel's time through to Jesus' second coming. Read Daniel 2 and compare what was predicted to what happened in history. The king dreamed that this great statue had a head of gold which represented Babylon. The arms and chest were of silver which represented Medo-Persia who conquered the Babylonian kingdom. Then bronze belly and thighs represented Greece, with Alexander the Great taking over. After this the legs of iron mixed with clay representing the Roman power. You will notice that these kingdoms represent world powers that held dominion over God's people. We are living in the toes (or perhaps toenails) of that prophecy and waiting for the Stone cut without hands that will be Christ who comes for His faithful people.

Some have wondered why the Bible did not mention other kingdoms like China and other places on earth. He was concentrating on His people, Judah. This shows it was because His story is the “history” of God's people and is also dealing with many who chose NOT to be His people. One of the things He asked His disciples to do is teach all the other nations about Him and His great love for all people (Mark 16:15). It is His desire that EVERYONE be saved for eternal life (I Timothy 2:4). But He will not force anyone.

The most interesting prophecies that took place as predicted have to do with Jesus, His birth place, date of birth, virgin birth, and even His time in Egypt for safety was predicted more than seven hundred years earlier (see Hosea 11:1 and Matthew 2:14, 15). There are many, many other predictions that are too numerous to mention, like he was betrayed by a friend (Psalm 41:9, John 13:18) and sold for the price of a slave (Zechariah 11:12 and Matthew 28:14, 15).

We do not know why God does things the way they are done. We can reason from our point of view and think that there must have been a better way for some things to be done. We will have an eternity to talk those things over with Him and let Him explain why things happened, why a pandemic, why certain ones are elected to offices, why someone had to die, etc., etc. Daniel 2:21 tells us that he removes kings (or presidents) and raises up kings, (or senators). He IS in control. We can just do the best we know how to do and have faith; it may take a long, long time to understand it all. Take time to get acquainted with our Wonderful Savior through His love letter, the Bible. Be kind to one another.


by Jeanette Riffle

We were thankful to be able to go to church again this Sunday morning. When you get older, you are always grateful to be able to make it out to church. We heard an uplifting sermon by Preacher Richard Westfall at Rosedale Baptist this morning.

Tomorrow, we will be starting a brand new week. He asked everyone to pray to be used as a blessing to someone this week. It is more blessed to give than to receive. We are blessed if we receive something but more blessed if we give. As a born again Christian, we have hope. These are very trying times that we live in right now, but we have faith and hope in our Lord, Jesus Christ, that this too will pass.

More fresh garden vegetables are coming on and we have been enjoying them, and even able to share a few. We now have enough tomatoes that we can have a mess of fried green tomatoes. Hubby is picking the second mess of fat back pole beans and I will work on them, tomorrow. Our corn is about ready. Relatives down the road shared some corn with us this past week and it sure was good.

I braved it up and went for a perm about a week ago. As I hadn't had a perm in about eight months, I was tired of fighting with my long straight hair. When I called for an appointment, the beautician that I talked to said to call them on a cell phone when we got there, put on a mask, and someone would come out and take my temperature. It was normal so she took me inside. Everyone had on a mask and the two beauticians were disinfecting everything after each customer. So, that is the way the beauty shops are handling things since they re opened from the shut downs. So far we don't know anyone that has had that deadly virus. We have heard of others getting it but we didn't know them.

September is upon us and we hope for cooler temperatures. Everyone I have talked to has had a hard time with the heat and humidity and so much sweating trying to get things done outside. We saw a woolly worm on the floor of the front porch today and it was black all over. Some people would say it is a sign of bad weather all winter long but I think I will stick with Old Famer's Almanac on that.

Until next time, continue to be safe, stay well and God bless!

As you all know, I have traveled a lot this summer. The majority of my travel has been to get my mind straight.

And then there are those friends who pull tricks on your travel mates that boggle your mind and make you wonder what in the world is happening!

I arrived at the beach and my cousin arrived a few hours later. We immediately hop into bathing suits and run to the pool. As we are changing, my cousin, Lesley, gets a text from her two friends who are joining us and they report that they are only two hours away.

Then it starts.

We are all stretched out by the pool, in the sun. We are talking and laughing and Lesley's phone starts to ding. It is her, Renee, who tells Lesley that she wants to change bedrooms with me because she and, Lesley's other friend, Shawn, are already fighting. She says they got in a fight about politics. Lesley immediately texts back and in all capital letters says NO POLITICS!

Renee texts again and says that Shawn is being impossible and she may drop her off and leave her. Lesley looks at me and says that she had asked Renee how Shawn was to travel with and Renee had said she was great. Lesley then explains that Shawn and Renee had been on a cruise together and before Lesley asked Shawn to join us, she checked with Renee.

Immediately, Lesley's phone dings again and it's Shawn complaining that Renee wouldn't stop to let her go to the bathroom and Renee just wanted to drive on. Lesley looks at me and texts Renee and says “You told me she was fun to be with when traveling.” She then tells Shawn she doesn't know what to tell her about needing to use the bathroom and Renee not stopping. I laughingly told Lesley that we needed to change resorts and leave those two. At this point, she was agreeing.

The back and forth continued for almost two hours. We decide to go inside and fix them both a drink and some snacks so that maybe we could calm them down when they arrived.

Lesley messages both of them and tells them we have some surprises when they arrive. We put beach attire on the skeleton that Lesley brought. The skeleton's name is Earl. We put a lifejacket on him, water wings and goggles. He was sitting at the bar in the kitchen eating area with his legs propped up on a cooler.

We go downstairs to meet them and they are both laughing and having a great time. It turns out they were messing with Lesley. Shawn was texting from both of their phones and saw the message where Lesley said “you told me she was fun to be with when traveling.”

Shawn told Lesley she now knows who is Lesley's favorite. That was the first laugh of the trip with Lesley's friends and the laughter just continued until things got serious and we ended up coming home early. We are all home, safe and sound and Shawn got the job she wanted so badly!

By Joseph Mazzella,

I haven't been watching the news as much lately. The daily drumbeat of death, disease, and destruction has been starting to wear me down. Anytime I turned on the television it seemed like the whole world was ready to end. Thankfully, God doesn't just show us all the news that is bad, but also gives us daily reminders of His kindness, caring, and love.

I got one of these reminders just the other day. I was taking my son to the local thrift store so he could see if he could find some used CDs to add to his music collection. I parked the car and we both put on our mandatory masks. I had gotten so used to it by now, that it almost had become second nature. We walked into the store and I strolled over to the book section to see if I could find something for myself. I looked around and was both surprised and delighted to see a very elderly lady pushing a baby stroller. I soon found out that the baby was her great granddaughter and looked down at the little girl in her tiny pink dress. She was sleeping peacefully and still had the fingerprints of God all over her. I looked down at her innocent face and remembered the old saying: “A newborn is God's blessing that humanity should go on.” Suddenly, she opened her eyes and looked up at me. For a second I thought she was going to cry at a stranger, but then she seemed to see me smiling behind my mask and smiled back at me with all the love of Heaven behind her. As I left the store, I thanked God for her and for all the daily reminders of His love.

We are all created in love! We are all created by love! We are all created to love! We all have the fingerprints of God all over us. And while this world may seem difficult, painful, and scary at times, we will all, in the end, come back home again. May you live every day you have here in love, then. May you help leave God's fingerprints all over this world.

Joseph Mazzella is a free-lance writer from Nicholas County and a GSC Alumnus.

Fond Memories


Our grandson from Ritchie County spent a few days with us. I really miss him when he goes home. He is very helpful around the place. He's almost 18 now. He still likes to spend time with us, he hasn't outgrown that.

He likes for me to tell him stories about his grandfather that he never met and his Aunt Carolyn (my daughter), Adam likes to see the football field here at the old high school where his Grandpa played when, then called, Harrisville High played Calhoun. I would like for him to meet some of the Calhoun team members from back then (1957.) Some would remember Jerry.

I'm looking forward to Adam's next visit.

'Til next time,


Whose Delinquency?


I almost failed with my Dahlias this year. I planted five beautiful ones and only got two to grow. One is in bloom and it is really beautiful. I go out and admire the three blooms on it each day. I remember the beautiful dinner plate Dahlias that my mother and mother-in-law used to grow each year. I do not have a green thumb like they did, nor the talent they had making such pretty dresses from feed sacks, etc. Our two girls were very fortunate to have their grandmothers to cherish.

Get well wishes go out to those that are under the weather, as the saying goes.

With the rains each day, the grass sure grew fast. That just means we'll have to mow more often.

Whose Delinquency?

We read in the papers, we hear on the air, of killing and stealing and crime everywhere. We sigh, and we say, as we notice the trend, “This young generation, where will it end?”

But can we be sure that it's their fault alone? That maybe a part of it isn't our own? Too much money to spend, too much idle time, too many movies of passion and crime; too many books not fit to be read; too much of evil in what they hear said; too many children encouraged to roam by too many parents who won't stay at home.

Kid's don't make movies; they don't write the books that paint a gay picture of gangsters and crooks. They don't make the liquor, they don't run the bars, they don't make the laws, and they don't buy cars, they don't make the drugs that addle the brain; it's all done by older folks greedy for gain.

And how many cases we find that it's true, the label “Delinquent” fits older folks, too.

Have a good weekend and stay safe!

Last week, my column was about human trafficking. As I came into work on Monday, one of my co-workers had printed out a press release from the U. S. Attorney's Office in Martinsburg.

Yes, I know that Martinsburg is a large town and is a bedroom community for Washington D.C. But, the press release was about a man who has a Maryland and Florida address who was luring young girls on the internet to send him pornographic pictures of themselves.

This is one way human trafficking begins.

This 24-year-old man had talked to a 13-year-old West Virginia girl on an app called “Live Me” and groomed her until she sent him inappropriate pictures of herself. No one knows how far this would have gone if police officials had not intervened.

Maybe he only wanted pictures. Maybe he wanted to continue talking until that child ended up sneaking away from home to join her “love.”

These are scary times we are living in.

Live Me, Snapchat and many other phone apps are becoming a way to meet young people, boys and girls alike, and either get them to send inappropriate pictures or get them to meet them. The adults usually provide the bus or plane ticket and then your child is in the hands of a predator. In a town that is not your own. Alone. And scared.

This isn't just happening to children. Teens and adults are being lured into these activities also. Everyone always thinks the grass is greener on the other side. But, sometimes that grass is extremely dangerous.

Many, many parents give their young children cell phones for emergencies. It makes sense for children to have a phone available to be able to contact parents when needed.

Kids are smart. They are especially smart when it comes to technology. If they have their own phone, parents need to be diligent in monitoring the apps they download and how they are being used. Once that Snapchat photo is sent, it's gone and Snapchat has been very uncooperative in helping police recover photos needed in criminal investigations. So far, not one court in the nation has been able to force Snapchat to release photos that were sent, but not screen shot.

Chat rooms are a fun place for teens to visit to meet people from all over the world. The sad thing is, predators know that too. There are sick people everywhere. Literally. Some just want child pornography, some plan to lure your child or teenager to a far away place and sell them into the sex trade.

It's a scary world out there.

The press release I received, just after I wrote the initial column on this subject, said that the man received a ten year sentence. If he behaves while in prison, he will serve 7 and 1/2 years.

You can not talk to your children enough about this subject. Honestly, they may roll their eyes, but the hope is that when confronted in life or on the internet, they will remember what you said and know that you are right. Hopefully, your child will come to you and you can report this person to authorities.

It's real. It's important. Be vigilant.

By Joseph Mazzella


I was 10 years old and I was going on an adventure. It was summer break and my family had traveled south, to TN, to visit my Uncle Richard and Aunt Charlotte. But, while my older brothers had been allowed to go all over the place, I had been stuck in the house for most of the visit. Now, however, my mom had decided to let me go alone to a corner grocery store at the end of the block. She had given me money to pick up a loaf of bread and extra change to get myself a popcicle. I felt so grown up as I made the journey, bought the food, and headed back.

When I was about half way back to the house, though, I found my path blocked. A large black dog was looking at me and growling. I had never had a dog look angry at me before and my heart started to pound faster and faster in my chest. I didn't know what to do. Should I run? Should I scream? Suddenly, I felt a calmness come over me. It felt like it was coming from outside of me and within me at the same time. I knew what to do, too. I stood up as tall and straight as I could, looked over the dog, and said firmly, but kindly, “Go home, boy!” The dog stared back at me for a moment, then turned and trotted off.

I walked on, feeling very brave and very scared at the same time. I saw my mom and Aunt Charlotte sitting together on her front porch. I skipped up the steps and sat down in between them. My mom gave me a sip of her soda while I shared what had happened with her. I relaxed in her arms feeling adventurous, but also safe, secure, and loved.

Looking back on that moment reminds me that life itself is an adventure and only the bravest of us fully live it. It is full of fear and love. It is full of lessons and learning. It is full of pain and joy. Yet, through it all we are watched over and loved. God is everywhere and in everything, including us. Embrace all the adventures life gives you, then, be they big or small. Face them without fear. Use them to become the person you were meant to be. Let your entire life here be an adventure of love. And always let God's love live through you.


Joseph Mazzella is a free-lance writer from Nicholas County and a GSC Alumnus.

Welcome back to Glenville and Glenville State College!!! And, to all you new freshmen, welcome!! I hope a new world of opportunities opens up to you and you have a wonderful college experience while you are attending Glenville State College.

People say that your high school years are the best of your life. I have found that is not true for me. My college years stand out as the best! The most fun, exciting time!

Your years at Glenville State College can be the best years of your life. GSC can not only offer you an education that will last a lifetime, but friendships and memories that will too.

I've stolen some common sense items that I am going to share with you to help make GSC the best experience of your life and help you to succeed in your future.

1. Go to class. Period. Regardless of whether the professor says you have to be there or not. Just go. You will learn so much more by being in the actual classroom listening than you will reading the book. It's a good habit and a good mindset for every class you take.

2. During the first day of class, get two people's phone numbers from each and every class. No, not the hot guy or beautiful girl. Get those phone numbers because, at some point during the semester, you will have a question. If you have the telephone number of classmates, you can compare your memory of what was said during the class. If anything social works out, well that would be great, wouldn't it?

3. Take notes by hand. You can't make up an excuse that I haven't already tried. You won't remember everything to type it later unless you are Sheldon Cooper, and most of us aren't. Write the notes by hand, during class with your phone in your pocket on silent. That's how our brains encode information most effectively.

4. If you really want to get good grades to keep those scholarships or just to be as successful as possible, after class or the next day, rewrite your notes. You can outline the information, highlight important points, note what page of the textbook the material is covered on and make a list of questions.

Rewrite your notes! Rewriting helps dedicate that information into your memory.

5. Being a student is your job! If you don't do any of the suggestions in 1-4, simply do number 5, you will probably make it through college with flying colors...literally.

College is your job. Your full-time job is to be a student. So you need to be a student 40 hours a week.

Look at it this way, if you have a 15 hour class schedule, you have 25 hours each week to study or do any assigned work.

I know that sounds like a lot, but if you spend from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. everyday, Monday through Friday, in class or studying then you have every evening and weekend free to have fun!

If you start your college career doing these things, they will become habit and you will be able to better gauge how much time you actually need to spend studying in the future.

6. Go see each of your professors during their office hours. Introduce yourself and get to know them just a little bit. You will have a much better experience in class if you go talk to the professor and introduce yourself. If your professor knows you are making an effort to connect with them and that you are interested in their class, they will look at you during lectures and the look on your face will tell them whether you understand the concept they are teaching or not. They will notice. If the professor can tell you aren't understanding, they will explain it again, in a different way, so that you can grasp the concept.

7. This is the last one, I promise! Do the reading before class. I understand that you have never done this before and that you can usually get away with not doing it at all, but try it. Professors like it when you can participate in class. And seriously, if you want to be successful in life, you have to do things that you've never done before.

To summarize: You are a student and that is your job. Spend 40 hours a week on your classes and you will have a lot of time for fun! Do the reading, go to class, talk to your professors. Take responsibility for your life and your education. After all, the education you are obtaining only benefits you!

Make the most of college! It really is the best time of your life!

An unusually hot and wet spring this year was followed by an extremely hot and wet summer. Sunny skies were constantly giving way to heavy showers, only to be replaced with more sun and heat. This combination has made for a few changes from our regular summer here, in the mountains of my home. The limbs on the trees are growing twice as fast as usual and their leaves are huge. The Queen Anne's Lace, Daisies, and Black Eye Susan's are growing waist high in the meadows and on the sides of the roads. The bush in my front yard is shooting up as fast as a sunflower. The grass in my yards is thicker and taller than ever. Butterflies and bumble bees are everywhere, as are the yellow jackets and hornets. Mama deer and their babies can be seen coming out of the woods to feast on the abundance of crab apples on the ground. Squirrels with acorns are scurrying up the trees and baby birds are flying out of their nests. Everywhere I look there is an explosion of growth and life. It is incredible to see.

We humans are a little different than the rest of nature, however. Yes, our bodies do grow best in optimal conditions. We grow healthy and strong when we have good food, clean water, fresh air, and plenty of exercise. On the inside, though, it is often during the hardest of times that we grow the most. During the times of death, loss, and suffering is when our souls grow stronger and closer to God. During the bleakest wintertime is when our hearts grow more loving. During the worst times of our lives is when we help each other the most.

Why is it that we grow kinder, stronger, and wiser during the toughest times, as well as the good ones? Why is it that the worst in this world often brings out the best in us? No one knows for sure, but I am happy with the mystery. Live well, then. Love much. Grow strong. Be the person God meant for you to be during the winter nights, as well as the summer days.


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