We took a day trip and went to visit my youngest brother, Brent Stewart, and his wife, Debbie Hale Stewart, at Newark, recently and they were telling us about the “Fly In” that is held on their hill every summer. They live on Hale’s Landing and Debbie’s father, the late John Hale, had a private plane and several friends into aviation. He had a home on that hill and made a place where his friends could fly in and land their planes. Everyone brought food and they put it all together under a big pavilion and had a nice picnic. My brother had posted pictures of one of these events on FB one year and all those planes reminded me of that time my Papaw Warner took me for a small plane ride.

I was five years old and had never been on a plane. It was where the Furr farm is now, on the way to Glenville. A man had a single engine plane and charged $5.00 a ride to take people up. Well, we boarded the plane and got up in the air and Papaw said, “ Look down there, Missy.” I got scarred looking down. Everything looked too far away and I was afraid of falling.

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Patsy Reckart has her first book published. She sent me a message, but I didn’t find it right away. It is a children’s book named “Little Kokamoe Joe.” It is about a red and yellow dump truck. All the other trucks made fun of the little red and yellow dump truck. Patsy’s church has started a writers’ group which will meet on November 4th at the library in Weston at 10 o clock a.m. You are invited. Contact Patsy through Facebook for more information.

I want to include just a short but VERY precious quote from my devotional this morning. It is God’s goal that everyone be saved and then be with Him eternally, but there are many who don’t know Him. They may know ABOUT Him, but don’t know Him personally and don’t have faith in His wonderful promises. He will never force a person to believe. He created us with power of choice. We can get to know Him whom to know is life eternal (John 17:3) by hearing [reading] the Word of God. (Romans 10:17).

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It was late September. I was driving through a heavy fog to a store to pick up a few things. When I got there I strolled through the store looking for what I needed. I grabbed a bag of dog food for my dogs, a pack of batteries for my son, and a bite of chocolate for myself. As I turned the corner to head for the checkout register, though, I saw something that stopped me in my tracks. A two foot tall skeleton wearing a tuxedo was staring across the room at a two foot tall stuffed Santa Claus, I slowly shook my head and walked on.

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Halloween Trick-or-Treat will be Saturday, October 28 from 6:00 to 7:30, the same time as Glenville.

Our sympathy goes out to the Roberts family. Noel will be missed by his family and friends. His memorial was at our church last Saturday with a very nice attendance.

The family of Pal Conrad, who has now been a resident in the nursing home in Glenville for sometime now, has our sympathy. He will be missed by his relatives and friends.

Our Get Well wishes go out to Bobby Joe Minigh. He has had pneumonia and other health problems recently.

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A smiling Geraldine marks, 2005

The late 1990’s saw Geraldine welcoming the first of many great grandchildren to come. During this time she also began seeing her grandchildren pledge their love to husbands and wives. Sometimes she played a small role in the wedding ceremonies and other times she played a large role in the ceremonies. She made a satin and lace Civil War/Reconstructive period wedding dress for one granddaughter. Then used the extra fabric and lace to make the ring bearer pillow for another granddaughter. She enjoyed attending each wedding as the branches to her family tree expanded ever larger. After each ceremony she would add her corsage to the collection on her dresser top.

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Happy Birthday wishes go out to Creed Barton on his 100th birthday! He had a good crowd of relatives and friends. They all came out to celebrate his happy occasion.

Our garden is all gone now. The butternut squash was the last, which I will do a lot with to help my eye problems.

Wayne was happy to meet up with a former camper that he hadn’t seen for 30 years. That was quite a surprise for them. They were happy to meet up again for a nice chat two days last week at the Senior Center. Our sympathy goes out to the Marks family and the Roberts family, they will be missed by their families and friends.

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It was a long drive to the nursing home where my grandmother was living, but at least twice a month I got into the car with my small children to make the trip to see her. We had already lost my Mom to cancer, and I wanted them to be able to remember Nana. I wanted to be able to remember her, as well, especially because she was beginning to forget me.

Nana had Alzheimer’s disease. It was slowly starting to eat away at her memories. Sometimes she recognized us when we visited and sometimes she didn’t. Most of the time she spent her days in bed, not wanting to be put in her wheelchair anymore to visit the living room or dining room.

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