I believe that Jesus is coming soon and that the judgment hour is upon us and there is salvation only through Christ. There is widespread apostasy so as a Christian, what can I do? I am going to include below a couple of my long-standing peeves and wish I could magically wipe out all such distasteful habits and pushy advertising of unhealthy activities in otherwise good movies. Because I love you, my readers and friends, I am including a site here at the beginning of my Chat in the hope that you will bring up on your computer (or your neighbor’s computer if you happen not to have one) right now so that you will know that there IS a loving God out there who wants to be your Friend:


Now bear with me as I express a couple of my peeves. (I promise not to make this a weekly habit!)

See this weeks paper for the full story...

That’s what Dad would have called it. This has seemed like a winter in Michigan to me. We have rounded up our warmest clothes and have wrapped up in our throws in our recliners. I light the oven every day to bake something and make it cozy in here. Have been making buttermilk cornbread a lot. It was 8 below zero this morning when we got up and has been colder than that. I am thankful for a good warm house to stay in and that I don’t have to brave icy, snow covered roads, trying to go to work somewhere. I find myself staying up later with my crochet hobby and checking news feed on FB. Then, I can sleep in later the next morning. I get priorities done and the first thing you know, it is dark again. Time doesn’t slow down. It only goes by faster as we get older. Mom used to say, “ Make hay while the sun shines,” and she found me a big sunny badge with those words on it that I clipped to my sweater and wore to school because it was so pretty.

See this weeks paper for the full story...

When I was a boy growing up I never looked forward to January. It was a time of short gray days and long dark nights. The bitter wind here in the mountains made waiting outside for the school bus very painful. The windows were covered in frost, the sidewalks were slick with ice and the water pipes to the house would freeze at times. Even the floors were cold when I got up in the morning. The Christmas decorations had long since been taken down and the tree thrown away. The holidays were over and now it was just winter.

Over the years, though, I began to find that winter had its own unique set of joys. Snow days off form school were a pure pleasure with sled riding, making snowmen, and snowball fights with my brothers. The winter sunrise was a delight to behold. Its beauty made my heart warm on the coldest days.

See this weeks paper for the full story...


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