I always looked forward to spring and Easter. My grandmother, Grace Smith Stewart, would sew me up a pretty feed sack dress and the other grandparents would buy me a pair of patent leather shoes with those dainty white socks that had the lace at the tops to fold down. If I needed a new spring jacket they would buy that for me. Mom bought Easter baskets full of candy at Murphy’s 5 & 10 cent store and saved the baskets with the artificial green grass for another year. Sometimes we used those empty baskets to go egg hunting.

If the weather was bad, she would hide the eggs inside the house. I remember helping her color those eggs. She always had chickens and would boil a bunch of eggs. I can still smell that vinegar. I think she used a kit that had the coloring to mix with white vinegar and hot water.

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There was a great turn out Sunday for the fundraiser for Buddy Minney, Gilmer County is real supportive to help others.

I rode the Little Kanawha van over to friend Rose White’s last week for a few hours visit.

The Cancer Society have the Chocolate Peanut Butter Easter Eggs for Sale now.

We need to remember the sick in the community in our prayers.

I need 4 Big Duck Eggs if anyone has any for sale, give me a call.

Happy Birthday Wishes to all that have March Birthdays.

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I got a lovely gift in the mail last week. It was a pair of framed pictures. Both were high resolution photographs of birds. They were so beautiful. One in particular caught my eye. It was of a hummingbird frozen in mid-flight. It was flying upside down with its tail feathers held up to hold it steady while its little wings beat. Its long needle nose was reaching deep into a drooping flower to feast on its sweet nectar. It looked so small, yet so full of life.

I have always loved humming birds ever since I was a little boy. I would eagerly wait for spring and summer to arrive so I could watch them. I was amazed by their aerial aerobatics. I would gaze at them for hours as they zoomed in and out of flowers and fought for placed at the bird feeders we would set out for them.

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Our church enjoyed the Sunday afternoon at the nursing home singing with several of the residents and visiting with them. It was enjoyed by all.

I need four BIG duck eggs if anyone has some reasonable to sell.

We had our monthly fellowship dinner at church last Sunday with a nice meal and fellowship with one another.

I visited Phyliss Marks on Friday afternoon for awhile and had a good visit.

Bob Pyles of OH visited in the county over the weekend.

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**This edition of the Cedarville News is for the week of February 22, 2018.

I enjoyed the evening Thursday for a few hours at the Senior Satellite building on Cedar Creek. Myself, and several others, listened to five guys jamming and singing string music. I understand they will meet on Thursday evening for a January session. Also come out the 2nd Tuesday for the Satellite covered dish meal and nice fellowship.

Happy Belated 50th Wedding Anniversary goes out to Bev. and David Pritt.

It was good to see Johnny Riddle of OH, formerly of Cedarville, he came in to attend Bobby Joe Minigh’s funeral. They both worked together at the wheel chair plant in OH for years.

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I have a little clock on the bottom right hand side of my computer screen that always tells me what time it is. I also have a clock hanging on my bedroom wall. I have two alarm clocks in my bedroom. I have a clock in my car. Every time I look at my cell phone or house phone, too, there is the time looking up at me. But the older I get the less I find myself paying attention to any of them. I stopped wearing a watch years ago and don’t miss it at all. These days I try to live my life as timelessly as possible; which isn’t easy in our modern society. Yet, it has made such a major difference for me. It has allowed me to embrace each moment as it comes. I know, too, that whatever it says on that clock on the wall, it is always NOW.

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