I hope that all mothers had a Happy Mother’s Day.

Our sympathy goes out to the Landis and Jones family on the loss of their loved one. He will be missed by family and friends.

Get Well wishes go out to our neighbor Mike Sponaugle on recuperating from his surgery.

I will be planting some more garden this week when the sign is right.

Chester and Wayne had doctors appointments in Parkersburg last week. They both received good reports.

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What a wonderful weekend after the fog of our weeks of struggling with illness here at our house! First, Sabbath services were so glorious. Song service included some favorite songs, which Bill Elmer picked out; then he told us an interesting story and quickly turned it over to the study from our exciting quarterly, Preparation for the End Time. The Holy Spirit helped as all of the members pitched in to emphasize some of the interesting points about Daniel’s prophecy telling us about Someone who would speak against the Most High and intend to change “times and the laws” in Daniel 7. Malachi 3:6, Hebrews 13:8 and Matthew 4:17, 18 assure us that God does NOT change. (“I change not,” He says!). Jesus, as He taught, “amplified” the law by showing that the commandments go deeper than just not killing, not coveting, not committing adultery, etc. He explained that these “sins” begin in the heart, such hating is usually the prerequisite of murder, and thoughts in the heart can lead to adultery. Yes, the laws were there to show us what “sin” is, but that the simple keeping of the laws cannot save us. Only accepting Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins can bring salvation to us.

See this weeks paper for the rest of the story...

One of our friends was looking for a coffee grinder to grind her own coffee beans and that brought back some memories to us. Duane’s folks had one and he said he and his cousin played with it when they were kids and tore it up. His Aunt Susie told him that when she was growing up, you bought green coffee beans and roasted them yourself. The one she had at the Shock log cabin was made out of wood. The grinder and crank of course were metal. They put the beans in the top and when they turned the crank, the coffee came out in a little drawer. They pulled the drawer out and poured the coffee into the pot and then filled the pot up with water. No coffee filters back then. His Uncle Ralph Perrine had coffee in the store and they used it. He doesn’t remember them grinding coffee after he came there. It was already ground and in bags or cans. I remember my parents getting coffee at the A & P store in Glenville. That store smelled so good. As soon as you walked in you could see a cashier grinding coffee beans right up front of the check out isle. Another thing that I liked from A & P was the Spanish Bar. Mom always had a sweet tooth and would bring home one whole brown bag of baked things… angel food cake for my oldest brother, honey buns or pecan rolls, Spanish Bar and something chocolate for the chocolate lovers.

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When I was a boy, I was the remote. Not only did I get up to change the television channel, I also walked outside to turn the antenna to pick up the other network. My iTunes were a stack of vinyl records under our plastic record player. My Google was a pile of books in the corner of the living room. My e-mail was a sheet of paper, pen and an envelope. My video games were played in my mind while I romped outside in the sunshine.

Today, however, we live in a sea of information. There are dozens of social media sites. There are hundred of cable television channels. There are e-mails and text messages that make our computers and smart phones beep constantly. There are video games that eat up our time. There are news shows that only feed our anger and prejudices. There is so much information that we rarely have time to think about it, let a lone reflect on our lives here.

See this weeks paper for the rest of the story...


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