As we Gilmer County and WV families prepare for all of our festive 4th of July Holiday cookouts, picnics, and reunions, along with the traditional backyard fireworks’ shows, let's not forget to truly demonstrate our patriotism, too. We can do this — teaching our young people a little “patriotism” — by proudly flying our American Flags at home and the office on Wed., July 4th and by thinking about the real meaning of this special holiday.

In fact, we editors — in a flurry of patriotic fervor — urge you to think of our American Flag on each national or state holiday.

The 4th of July is the date in 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed; thus, boldly and heroically, declaring the American colonies' separation from our Mother Country, Great Britain. This action by our nation's early patriots, including Thomas Jefferson who was its primary author, precipitated the American Revolution. What followed was a five-year bloody struggle between our ill-prepared Continental Army against the well-trained and extensively experienced British Army regulars.

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