Back to my dream on New Year’s Eve from Part 1 in last week’s edition: Rarely do I dream, but the Trump White House must be drilling itself into my brain of late (I hope not for you readers). Taking up on the fantasy story, but it really happened, at least in my mind. At Scotty Dettman’s auto repair shop when Mr. Trump was getting his presidential limo fixed, I offered to take him on a tour of Glenville and Gilmer County, so he just got up — without saying anything — and started walking up the hill to Glenville State College’s North Entrance.

I pointed out to him that it was a dangerous road to be walking on without any sidewalk and that several students and pedestrians had been killed or injured by passing vehicles, as the drivers couldn’t see them at night. In one of his rare statements to me, he asserted, “We’ll fix that with a sidewalk!” Replying, I said in surprise, “Well, thank you, Mr. President, as we’ve been trying for the past two or three decades to get our WV Governor to help us with this dangerous spot, but for no avail. It takes money and Glenville is a small town easily forgotten at the State Capitol in Charleston.” In his following comment, he asserted, “No problem, I’ve got billions, you know, and with my upcoming Infrastructure Bill, the country will have millions to correct these dangerous spaces.” “Wahoo,” I thought.

See this weeks paper for the full story...


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