Dr. Tracy Pellett, GSC’s new President, continues to march forward in his efforts to make his major mission in Glenville to reduce the financial burden on the shoulders of the college’s students and their parents, or whoever else — with a generous heart — may be underwriting the substantial cost of the youngster or returning adult’s education. Kudos to President Pellett for placing with gusto the needs of the students, front and center, in his administration! For indeed, the primary purpose of any school or college is to educate students who want to learn.

Truly, the more vibrant our college’s student community is, the more vibrant our county and towns can become. The students’ new ideas, enthusiasm, willingness to learn, multiple visions of improving West Virginia and their growing commitment to perform community service — all of these powerful traits of college and other area students, along with the suggestions of newcomers to this region, help to create a better environment for a college town and its county in general.

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Our communities in Gilmer County are being helped by new and buoyant initiatives and volunteer work by several organizations for the benefit of our citizens.

Kudos to our local Lions Club, once again, for providing the manpower to put up Glenville’s downtown Christmas decorations. Led by Jess McVaney and Reed Ratliff, among other Lions, our downtown is brightly lighted with the seasonal cheer. Also, our appreciation, yet again, goes to Mr. I.L. “Ike” Morris, a local businessman, for lending the Lions his giant end-loader with bucket so that they could reach the tops of the utility poles for installing the decorations.

It takes teamwork to get any difficult job done anywhere, including in Glenville. As a result, we citizens appreciate the local organizations, like the Lions Club, teaming up with the private sector, in this instance the WACO Corporation, to handle this elbow-bending task.

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