To all of you proud dads out there, we editors hope that you have a very "Happy Father's Day" on this Sun., June 17! Also, this year’s Father’s Day is preceded by America’s “Flag Day” on this Thurs., June 14. Both days are important, and why is that?

Fatherhood: It's really fun, but not easy being a good parent these days with all of the diversions that each family faces and must deal with. Indeed, we fathers have formidable competition, namely the social media, texting, TV, internet, school activities, drugs, alcohol, etc. As a result, it’s difficult to be a good father, in that we dads must try to stay better connected with our kids than our own fathers did! Of course, we must discipline them in their young ages, take care of their financial and personal needs as they go to school, make sure that they grow up healthy, provide a safe home atmosphere, set a good example for them to follow, and teach them good habits. Additionally, we should be pals with them by going hunting, fishing and hiking together, by leading the family to church and weekend holidays, encouraging them when they get discouraged, partnering with their mother to enhance their childhood and teen years, but, most of all, just, basically, loving them. The old saying, “Love conquers all,” is true, even in raising kids.

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LITTLE PIONEER TEAMS CAR WASH FUNDRAISER — On last Sat., June 9 in Foodland Plaza, the parents and ball players in Little Pioneer Football program were out washing cars to raise money for their sports gear for this next season. Tim White (standing, left) and his wife, Sarah Queen White (kneeling, left with the kids) were primary workers, along with several other volunteers, both pictured and not pictured, during the day long event.

Also, Little Pioneer program President Robert Smith (not pictured) announces that this youth initiative has been expanded to other sports this year, as well. They also sponsor Little Pioneer Wrestling and Youth Basketball, too.

All we editors can say is: “Kudos to these fine parents who make sports available to the youngsters in our county!” These opportunities give the youths a start in personal physical fitness, team work, discipline, and self-worth.

David H. Corcoran, Sr., Publisher-Editor

The volunteers seem to be working hard at getting ready for this year’s Annual West Virginia State Folk Festival. It will be taking place between Thurs.-Sun., June 22-24 here in Glenville.

Moreover, Glenville State College is doing more than the various musical shows at the Fine Arts Center this year. In fact, they are bringing the college downtown to be with the people. Right now they are rapidly renovating the old storefront that was both a Small Business Incubating Center and Coffee House restaurant of recent years, into a Bluegrass Music & College Information Center. That’s a clever idea of President Tracy Pellett, Ed.D., who rightly envisions a more vibrant downtown as a key to attracting new students into the various academic degree programs here. Indeed, if they see what they like, these potential students will apply for admission.

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