On this past Sat., Oct. 7, West Virginia’s voters went to their Polling Places all over the state and decided that we Mountaineers want improved and safer roads, highways and bridges.

The votes for the “Roads to Progress” Amendment to the State’s Constitution numbered approximately 88,000, while those opposed, 32,000, with the For voters outnumbering the No votes by 73-to-27 percent.

This positive vote for better roads will go a long way toward opening up the state to a greater degree in greeting new residents, new tourists, new businesses and new factories. Most significantly, it will provide a jump in jobs for the working people of this state, so that is a very joyful fringe benefit of this amendment.

Let’s all move forward together, West Virginians.

David H. Corcoran, Publisher-Editor

For a small, rural college in an economically-challenged state like West Virginia, Glenville State College is performing its higher educational mission magnificently. This state and privately supported college was recently ranked as the No. 13th best in the South — a rare achievement for any of our state’s 4-year colleges.

This accomplishment is creditable because it was compiled by the nationally well-received and unbiased U.S. News & World Report. Over the years, this national magazine has honed its selected facts about colleges and universities in order to come up with accurate rankings. They have special sections and rankings on large national universities, on small and large colleges, and on schools by the sections of the country where their home is.

Thus, in the section for the American South, you’ll find Glenville State College ranked as No. 13, so that must be a lucky number for us. In the past two decades of looking over these rankings, this is the highest that GSC has been positioned by the popular rating magazine.

See this weeks paper for the rest of the story...


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