Our editorial commendations, once again, are extended to the Gilmer County Economic Development Association (GCEDA) for sponsoring the Annual Gilmer County Farmers' Market this summer! In addition, we consumers are appreciative of the many local farmers, gardeners, crafts people, other vendors, and resourceful youngsters for making it happen!

This year's Farmers' Market, which was kicked off successfully early in the summer, has been a lot more visible than some others in the past. As most of you readers know, it's located on the Gilmer County Senior Center's lot, at the T-intersection in Hays City, Glenville — a central site in the county. It’s, therefore, easy to get to and very visible to the eyes of passing motorists — all potential consumers. Hence, kudos to Executive Director Sallie Mathess and her Board of Directors at the Senior Center for helping to make this worthwhile local commercial venture grow and thrive yearly!

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At the academic year’s beginning, any college’s Convocation sets the tone for the whole nine-month year to follow. And, it needs to be positive!

On this past Sunday, Dr. Tracy Pellett, Glenville State’s new president, not only welcomed the students to the Glenville campus, but also inspired them to succeed in their courses of study. In addition, he is setting an ambitious agenda to move the college ahead this year and in the future. As such, he deserves the college and community’s support, praises and well-wishes.

We residents are willing to do our fair shares to help him in his new, bold and innovative initiatives to bolster the college’s stature within this region, state and nation. So, best of luck, Dr. Tracy Pellett, in your valiant efforts to move Glenville State College ahead. What’s good for the college is also good for the community! DHC, Sr.

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This Virginia city, the homeplace of American Founding Father and third president Thomas Jefferson and seat of the University of Virginia’s house for wisdom, has experienced much tragedy over this past weekend. And, its spark has precipitated protests nationwide.

Reason: The city’s administration decided to take down a statue of Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, the Confederate General who most of us West Virginians revere. (This editor — me — is a liberal on most social issues, except, perhaps, this one.) The idea for the riot leaving one dead, a couple of dozen demonstrators injured, two policemen dead, and many protestors on both sides bruised and battered was the White Nationalist efforts to demonstrate against the statue’s removal. This editor strongly disapproves of such hate groups and doesn’t agree with their efforts to foment violence.

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Don’t forget that several blood types are badly needed now, according to American Red Cross officials.

Starting at 12:00 p.m. and going until 5:30 p.m. on this Thurs., Aug. 10, the American Red Cross' Bloodmobile will make its regular stop in Glenville. Mark that date on your calendars or iPhones for this week and be at the First Baptist Church of Glenville for your kind donation!

According to the Red Cross, the blood supply is “severely” low throughout this region due to summer vacations and regular donors being out of town. Also, vacation seasons are the cause of many vehicular accidents, thereby increasing the demand for the lifesaving substance.

Actually, if everyone who can give blood just places this date in their mind and doesn't forget, Gilmer Countians could exceed our goal. Hurrah!

Red Cross Manager Ryan Edsall and area volunteer Vickie Lamb do an excellent job to ensure that the Bloodmobile's services go very smoothly.

If you’ve never given it a try, why not start now? It's simple, doesn't hurt, is a good deed and helps cure, perhaps, someone you know and/or love!

DHC, Sr. (a proud blood donor of many years)

On last weekend, and with President Donald Trump speaking in Huntington, Democratic Governor Jim Justice turned out on the same platform to announce that he is changing his political registration to “Republican!” Did he forget that the State’s Democratic Party got him elected in Nov. 2016?

At the same time, anything can be expected to happen with this governor, as he admitted on the campaign trail when stating that he had switched parties several times in the past to suit his own interests. Namely, he’s a coal baron, owner of The Greenbrier, real estate magnet and mega-farm owner — a Big Business billionaire all the way around. Perhaps he actually likes Mr. Trump’s free-wheeling style or thinks he can get more out of the President for West Virginia as a Republican, like Trump!

Then again, maybe he thought by his dramatic announcement that he could “out foolish” Mr. Trump, but that’s an impossibility. DHC, Sr.

In his campaign-style speech in Huntington last Thurs., Aug. 3, Mr. Donald Trump, once again, bragged about keeping his promises on immigration, the economy, the environment, crime and coal mining. We citizens should take the president to task on these wild assertions and make him prove them. His ill-conceived healthcare bill failed miserably, and most of the other supposed Trump victories noted above are currently being tested in the courts ... for their constitutionality and/or legality. Moreover, as to coal miners being put back to work, where are you seeing them working and the coal trucks and train loads of Black Gold being transported out into the international market from here?

His biggest failing is not to initially propose a national infrastructure bill in order to put unemployed people back to work — that would be a winner on both sides of the aisle, Republicans and Democrats! Maybe that was too simple of a strategy for one who likes to threaten members of Congress who oppose him, belittle people who question him and make up fairy tales about his great achievements. Indeed, America needs a strong leader, not an incoherent storyteller. DHC, Sr.


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