Easter means many things to many people

Trinity United Methodist Church held very inspiring Holy Week Easter services on Thurs., Apr. 17 through Sun., Apr. 20. Sunday sunrise service was held at 7 AM at Otterbein UMC. Featured hymns were "Low in the Grave He Lay" and "Christ Arose." Afterward, a sumptuous breakfast was served before Sunday School began.

Members of both Trinity and Otterbein UMC were asked their views regarding the Easter season. Here's what they had to say.

Question: What does Easter mean to you?

"It means Christ died for our sins and we have a new life as long as we trust him." - Lou King Moore

"It's long story. When I was in Iraq, I was almost killed, but survived. But I wondered why God spared me. Then, at a sunrise service at this (Otterbein UMC) church a few years ago, I had an epiphany. God always had a plan for each person and he spared me because I was a platoon sergeant taking care of all of the younger soldiers and, by saving my life, I was able to save my platoon soldiers and get them out safely. So each year Easter is very special to me." - Steve Ostaff

"It means that God has given His son Jesus for us so we can have eternal life." - Alycia Short

"It is a time of spiritual renewal and reflection, and it represents the center of my faith in God." - Kevin Cain

"As we celebrate Christ's resurrection, Easter means God gave us eternal life." Wanda Frederick

"Easter is the celebration of the risen Christ." - Cliff Wine

"It's a time of rebirth - of nature and spring, and everything blossoming and beautiful flowers and the climax of the religious experience of when Christ arose." - Yvonne King

(Thanks Yvonne for reviving our tradition of putting live flowers on the cross to represent that Jesus Christ arose and is still alive. It was lovely, Yvonne, and thank you to all who donated spring flowers from their flower gardens.)

Question: What special things do you like to do at Easter to celebrate?

"Go to church, family dinners. Grand kids and great-grand kids hunt for Easter eggs. Spending time with family. Everybody helps clean up." - Wanda Frederick

"Sunrise service then usually call the family on the phone." - Cliff Wine

"Sunrise service, family Easter dinner, then at lunchtime, an afternoon nap." - Lou Moore King

"Family dinner, sunrise service, egg hunt and games with our four children." - Alycia Short

"Attend Holy week services. I like to play the piano at home as I meditate on the meaning of this time of year." - Kevin Cain

"Sunrise service, worship service at 11 AM, then eat with my family and/or friends." - Yvonne King

What is the religious significance of Easter?

"Well, for me, it is the resurrection of Jesus, who gives us eternal life and a renewed life. It points to the vastness of God's grace. No matter how much we mess up, we get to start over." - Mark James, Pastor, Trinity and Tanner UMC

"It is the day our lord and savior rose from the grave, and the only way we can have eternal life is through the son of God - Jesus." - Jim Short, Pastor, Baldwin and Otterbein UMC.