Around the Kitchen Table 02-21-14

A Farm and All the Fixins


This picture was taken in 2013 by daughter Jo Ann Hill. The house, located on Bender Run in Braxton Co, was built by Henry and Martha (Marks) Clowser around 1920. Martha was Ralph's father, Richard's, oldest sister. I got a lot of my information from Henry and Martha's daughter Audra. According to Audra's obituary, she died May 3, 2001 in MO and was brought back to Wooster, OH and buried with her husband and sister Oneta.

Henry, 1865-1939, and Martha (Marks) Clowser, 1978-1952, were the parents of 14 children. They raised their family in this house on Bender run in Braxton, Co. Most of the Clowser family is buried in a cemetery located barely in Braxton Co. on the Steer Creek Road. Henry's parents were Andrew Jackson and Sarah "Sally" (Moss) Clowser. I think Sally was 38 years old when she died and the marker than Henry marked her grave with says "tender mother faithful friend."

The Clowser family can trace their "roots" back to Winchester, VA and Germany. They have a special cemetery at Clowser Gap in Frederick Co, VA. Allison Martin did a lot of Clowser research and Allison and I exchanged a lot of Clowser information. I have lost contact with her but have the information she sent to me. When we lived on Pistol Fork of Crooked Fork, the Clowser homeplace was just across the hill from us. Their son, Phil, was a very close neighbor of ours.

Henry and Martha had a large farm and were very successful farmers. They raised prize Hereford cows, had 100 sheep, a handsome team of horses, some riding horses, milk cows, chickens and all of the tools it took to be successful farmers. Audra remembered a special spring house near the house where they kept their milk and food cool. The spring house is no longer there.

While shopping in Gassaway recently I ran on to Ruth (Brady) Six. Ruth was my roomate one year when were both Glenville State College students. We both had changed a lot and had trouble figuring out why we looked so familiar. Ruth says she enjoys my column. Thanks, Ruth.

I am sure the mailman is delivering lots of garden and flower seed orders. Everyone is looking forward to some nice spring weather. I, and lots of other seniors, are tired of being house bound by the cold and snow. Winter always wears out its welcome.

Old man winter is really hanging on. We had a big snow of about eight inches this past week. Travel in Gilmer Co. was bad. Son-in-law Roger Stewart cleaned off my porch and sidewalk. A big DOW road plow did a really good job of plowing our Crooked Fork roads. He even plowed the big piles of snow away from driveways. We might have had to get the tractor out to get back on the road. Thanks. I really feel for the thousands of people who lost their power because of the storm. I hope they could stay warm and keep their water pipes from freezing.