Pat's Chat 02-20-14

It's the Little Things You Do That Matter Most

I just got back from Mary Ann's. She lives at 58 South Florida Street here in Buckhannon and had called me for help. She had gone out in this snow and awful ice to clear off her satellite dish because her TV had no reception and fell and couldn't get up. I drove there as quickly as I could and found her down in all that snow and ice, trying to move toward the railing of her front steps to pull herself up. I am glad she had her cell phone with her. She had no gloves on so her hands were frozen.

I could not get her up, no matter how I tried, so I called 911 on my cell phone. Just then, I saw about five college guys running across the road about half a block away and called out to them for help. Thankfully, they came and lifted her to her feet ,as if she were a child, and guided her to the driveway. Bless their hearts! I helped her into the house, made her take off her wet clothes and get warm pajamas on, sat her down with a warm robe and throw and told her to go without TV, rather than try to clear the ice and snow off of it again.

I got a note from Dr. Homer Heater (Junior to me). He had seen that my Aunt Jean McNemar Haymond was glad to get a roommate at her Serenity Care Assisted Living facility, Myrtle Mae Brown (I still have not gotten her married name). He says she is the daughter of Harry Brown, and she and her siblings attended Riffle Run School where my grandfather, Arley McNemar taught. He mentioned the Browns in the book he wrote, "Growing Up on Riffle Run." he adds that he and 39 other people, including seven of his own family, are going March 2 to Israel and Jordan. He is retired, and now living in Kentucky and is quite active, teaching for Liberty Seminary online. He has just finished teaching through the first part of Jeremiah on Sunday nights at their church and says these messages are on YouTube under his name, if you want to hear them.

The Weston Democrat (Feb. 12, 2014) reports Kroger will close its Weston store on April 11. That is very sad. The Kroger store has many items that can't be found at any of the Walmarts or other stores. Their fresh veggies and fruits are wonderful both in Weston and in our Buckhannon Kroger which is a smaller store that is not scheduled to close. However they don't carry some of the items we can get at the Weston store. Please help us keep the store so we don't have to drive to Bridgeport when we need items unavailable elsewhere. I am so sorry that about 80 workers will lose their jobs (including Cookie who worked with me at Sharpe) or have to move to work in another Kroger store somewhere.

The paper states: "An effort is underway to try to convince Kroger to reconsider the pending closure. This may be done by calling1-800-853-3033 and asking them to keep the business open, or by signing an online petition at

When I tried the online petition, it did not work. Several others have written to let me know that they could not get to the petition either. When I called the 800 number, I had to wait ten minutes before I got someone to listen and record my plea to keep Kroger in Weston. If anyone knows of a mailing address that we could send postal letters to save Kroger, please let me know and I'll put it in the next Chat.