Shock One Room School

Last week, Geraldine Marks had a picture of the one room school house at Shock and she wrote some of the history of it. Duane remembers some more history of it as he grew up here just in sight of the building. He remembers seeing children going to the school and there were box socials held there. Girls filled their cardboard boxes with sandwiches, pie, cake, fudge, something to drink and sometimes fruit and wrapped their boxes as attractively as they could.

Boxes were placed on a table and the boys would bid on the box of their choice, not knowing whose box they were bidding on. The highest bidder got to share the box with the owner and the money collected from all these boxes was used to raise funds needed for the school.

The building was also used as a church when Elder Rodney Minney was first called to preach. Katie Twyman and Homer Samson taught Sunday School classes to children in the afternoon.

They each had their own church to attend on Sunday morning. The building was used as a voting precinct as their were no other buildings available at that time. Uncle Fletcher Stout encouraged folks to come out and vote and even offered free meals at the Shock log cabin. There were no restaurants close by and people had to travel great distances either on foot or by horseback. When Uncle Fletcher deeded that site for a school, the deed was written up so that when they no longer needed it for a school, everything went back to him, building, property and everything.

Duane said that one of the most comical events that he remembers was the fiddling contest. The men would come with their moonshine and thought they had to get "all tanked up" before they could play good. The building was used as a gathering place for any event that was taking place in the community as there was no other place in which to meet. It was closed in the mid to late 1940's before Duane went to school at Rosedale. That would have been 1951. He remembers another school up Shock called the Tanner # 4 School. That one was further up the Tanner Rd. here by the bridge. It was closed after he went to high school over at Normantown.

I made a mistake last week. The red building across the road from the log cabin was not the barn. The red one was a garage and the revenuers hid their cars in the barn. Duane isn't sure the red building was even there at the time of this happening. The main thing though, is that they caught their moonshiners when Grandpa Riffle led them to the still.

My bursitis seems to be getting better this time with the steroid shot in the right shoulder. We are so thankful for good doctors and good meds out there. Until next time, enjoy the beauty of winter and think spring. I read in Alyce Bragg's column this morning that the Red Winged Blackbirds have come back to Kentucky. They will be up here before too long.

Long range has us for 60 degrees by next Friday. Take care and God bless.





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