Cedarville News 02-13-14

Reminding You All to Stay Sweet

Some of us in the county took advantage of the Little Kanawha Bus service and went to Bridgeport. We went to Gabriels, Big Lots, Aldi's and Ryans to eat. It sure was cheaper than driving your car, a good deal for the transportation.

I'm sure glad to hear that Carolyn Gregory got through her therapy at the Glenville Nursing home and is now back home, eating her husband's good cooking and seeing her loving pets.

The movie night at the Normantown School went well. Friday night a nice crowd of children and parents showed up. There was a lot of support from the PTO and all those who helped on the way.

Two of our granddaughters will be having birthdays soon. Mikala's is Feb. 18, she will be 12 and Lindsey's is the Feb. 16, she will be 10. They are growing up so fast. Children seem to grow up too fast, they don't stay little for very long. But that's the way life is.

Don't forget your loved ones on this Valentine's Day. Be sure to send your husband, wife, children, mother and father a card or give them a call or visit.

The Chocolate Myth

Giving up chocolate to lose weight may backfire. A study shows that chocolate's metabolic benefit may help control weight. People who ate chocolate frequently had less body fat.

Show your Cardiovascular system and your Sweetheart's some love this Valentine's Day with heart-healthy dark chocolate!