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More History of Rosedale and Normantown

riffleA while back I included in my story about elementary schooling at Normantown, some Rosedale history, also. I will continue with that this week. Rosedale had a doctor right in town and the people were so happy to have a doctor close by. I have heard my husband and his family speak of a Doc Roberts. He rode around on a horse, as did most people, and he did house calls. He came to the Shock log cabin lots of times when there was sickness. No one had telephones at that time and someone had to go to Rosedale after the doctor.

Duane remembers getting shots for his immunizations. Needles weren't the thin fine ones that are used nowadays. They didn't have the equipment needed to produce the kind of superfine needles. They were big thick needles and they hurt. I remember Doc Smith coming to our house in the late fall to give me a shot for a bad cold that had gone into secondary complications. I was fevered and glad to get the needle so I would get well.

These roads were not paved and it was so muddy. Duane's Uncle Ralph Perrine told of seeing horses getting into mud in some places that was up to the stomach. I just can't imagine that!

This was in mud holes that kept getting deeper and deeper from horses traveling through so much. Aunt Susie Perrine told us of walking around the hills to avoid the muddy road when she had to go get Charlie Perrine to take them somewhere. The Perrine family lived down this road in the vicinity where Rabin Frame has a home now.

The Rosedale prison gang from the camp worked to fill in mud holes on the secondary roads that were still unpaved back in about 1948 to early 50s. By the time the prison came in, the main roads had been paved.

Rosedale was always a nice community with well respected good people. In later years, they were privileged to have one of the greatest evangelists this area has ever known. Rev. Johnny Alfred and family had moved here from Orma and had the ministry of Rosedale Methodist Church. They lived right in town. There are three churches in Rosedale now. Alliance, Methodist and Rosedale Baptist. Ours, the Baptist one, is about a mile out of town on Road Run Rd. off Rosedale Rd.

One of the best things that has happened to Rosedale is that they are getting city water now. Their water has been bad. I'm sure the people appreciate the water lines coming through. They are also getting fiber optic phone lines for better phone service. They have a nice modern post office and a country store. The Senior Center does a lot of good to help the needy of the community and fund raisers are often held. Food is given away every month when the delivery truck comes in. Until next time, think spring and stay well. God bless and keep you in His care.