Weathering Old ManWinter

Our sympathy goes out to the McPherson family on the loss of their loved one and to the Moore family on the loss of their loved one as well. Tom and Junior will be missed by their families and loved ones.

Sorry I could not make it to the Normantown Special Meeting of the speaking against the School Closure, but I sure want to comment on those speakers. I hear they did a great job speaking for the welfare of the children and the long bus ride for such young children. Those that want to close the schools, or school, sure are not thinking about the welfare of the children. yes, there are older schools of the county's still in use. It seems like the community doesn't have a voice and the Board has tried every thing and anything to close the school. No, the meeting was not properly advertised, that had to do with the small turn out.

I feel that the community needs to have another chance to express their opinion of what is best for the children.

It was good to get a nice note from a friend, Shirley Jennings. She now lives with her daughter in Tenn. She says that she is doing well and a good doctor check up.

Wayne and I were up to Gassaway one day last week to get his protein blood work and we ate at the Senior Center and saw a few people knew for a chat.

Our Senior Van took us in to the Senior Center Fri. We had a nice Chinese lunch and a nice socialization.

First the wind comes weaseling in among the attic things.
It finds a broken violin and screeches on its strings.
Then snow, like bits of chalky grit, comes streaking through the gray,
like fingernails scratching down a blackboard kind of day.
And then the pond is lifted up and clamped into a vise.
And Earth becomes a ball of snow in winter's hands of ice.
When morning is a misery of whirling weather vanes,
then I must wander through the day held in by window panes.