Well Wishes to those who need them

Carolyn Gregory is in Glenville Rehab for Therapy. It would be nice if her friends, neighbors and relatives would visit her while she is recuperating. She plans to return home in February. Also, Alma Montgomery, a friend, is recuperating, at her home, from some breaks from a fall. She hopes to be up and about soon.

I hear the children did well on their school projects. Keep up the good work!

Hope all that had Dr. appointments last week are on the mend soon!

Our sympathy goes out to all that lost loved ones.

Sorry we could not make it to the meeting at Normantown school the other night. The meeting was about keeping the Normantown School.

We will miss Dendra Miller at the paper office, but we are glad to hear she got the secretary's position.
The 4-H Club still has a little applebutter for sale!

Helpful Hints
To avoid teary eyes when cutting onions cut them under cold running water or briefly place them in the freezer before cutting.

Ice cubes will help sharpen garbage disposal blades.

Separate stuck together glasses by filling the inside glass with cold water and setting both in hot water.

To make a simple polish for copper bottom cookware, mix equal parts flour and salt with vinegar to create a paste.