Cedarville News 01-16-14

Lost Time is Never Found

Our sympathy goes out to the Mowery family on the loss of their loved one. Howard will be missed by his family and friends.

Shirley and Barb Godfrey, of Ripley, visited Emylee Sheilds last week for a few days and attended Howard Mowery's funeral.

Get well wishes go out to Bernice Moyers. She had been in the Grantsville hospital for several days.
It was good get out on the Senior Van to the Senior Center Fri. We had fun playing games against the staff, of course, they won.

Our church had our monthly covered dish dinner last Sun. with a good fellowship and good food.
Lost Time is Never Found Again

Learn to live by the motto "Do it now." Never say to yourself or anyone else, "I've had a bad day." You'll never be able to go back and fix it. Make the best of all times.

Stargazing, doing nothing, is not "lost time." "Lost time" is time you waste in negative thoughts.
When you feel stuck, change your mood with some physical exercise.

Don't brood and let time drift by unproductively.