Thinking Back but Looking Forward


There is a 1975 date on this picture, but judging by their clothing and hair, I think it might have been taken in the 1920s. Former Normantown McClain residents might have connections with the family in this picture.

We have had some real winter weather, with temperatures registering in the -3 to -8 degrees. Schools were closed and there was very little traffic until the roads were cleared and it got a little warmer. Lots of people had to fight frozen pipes.

Before the cold weather started, son-in-law Roger, tested my car and decided that the car and a tractor needed more anti-freeze. Son Tim went to get the anti-freeze and found that ani-freeze prices, like everything else, had really gone up. Thanks to Tim and Roger, my car and tractors were ready for the big freeze.

The Christmas edition of the Glenville Democrat had a story about the author and story of the book Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I remember a copy of that book that Uncle Lewis Allen got for me and all his nieces and nephews at Montgomery Ward in Parkersburg in the late 1930s. We treasured the story and I suppose wore the paper copy out.

This week I got a letter from 94 year old cousin Oleta Davis. She sent me a clipping from the Washington Post about a 1926 Arlington, VA, Sears Roebuck home that was free to anyone who would move it. The house was one of 70,000 Sears' homes that sold in the US between 1908 and 1940. I know of four Sears Roebuck Homes not far away. Material to complete these homes were shipped by train to either Gassaway or Frametown then hauled by horse and wagon to the location where they were to be built. Thanks, Oleta.

Last Fri. some flights from Charleston were cancelled. The pilots could not take a required shower because the water was contaminated. I was glad I did not live in any of the nine counties that had their water contaminated by a spill in the river. It is hard to imagine not having water to drink, cook, bathe or do laundry in without having to buy it from a store. Stores ran out of water and it had to be shipped in for drinking and cooking.

I was sorry to read the obituary of Hazel Ash Reaser in a recent Democrat. Hazel grew up on Poplar Lick and her sister Mary Ash Moore was a member of our 1946 Normantown High School graduating class.

Our days are supposed to be getting longer by a few minutes each day. They seem to be getting longer awfully slow. I have been getting some very interesting flower and vegetable seed books. I see seeds of flowers and vegetables I would like to plant. Soon lettuce beds will be planted and peas and potatoes can be planted in early March.