An Old Fashioned Christmas

We had our Christmas Dinner and Party at the Senior Center last Wed. It was really nice. Our gift from the Senior Center was a really nice calendar with pictures of different events through out the year, and a box of candy. The meal was delicious. It was nice of the college band to participate for us again. I enjoyed it all. 
Betty Riffle went back to Moundsville for her eye check up at the Anwar Clinic, which is a great place to go. They really do good work.
The school kids were all happy to have their Christmas break for a week.
Wayne and I went to the Normantown School for the kids' Christmas program. All the kids did a great job and there was such a wonderful crowd. It is such a good school for the children to have had the opportunity to get to attend.
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and I would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year.
"An Old Fashioned Christmas" (poem)
Give me an old fashioned Christmas with the ground all covered in snow; When all those who roam, shall try to get home No matter how far they must go. Give me a bright cozy kitchen with everyone busy and gay. Where it smells so nice with foods that entice. Each a favorite for Christmas day. Give me the family all together Each one in their usual place, Where the feasting is done With much cheer and fun And a smile upon each face. Give me a Christmas where Folks drop in, Where there's moments to reminisce; Where there's children about to laugh and shout and plenty of holiday bliss. Give me a Tree from the forest that's fresh and fragrant and green; One trimmed with delight 'til it's festive and bright And really quite splendid to see. Where family tradition is followed and loved as the holiday nears. Every trinket and ball is cherished by all and treasured throughout the years. Give me a Christmas with gifts of love Though they might be simple and small; When folks really care and kind thoughts are there I surely shall treasure them all. Give me a Christmas where love abounds And Christ is the honored guest, Where the church bells ring and people all sing And the day is especially blessed. Give me a Christmas so pleasant that it shall remain in my heart, and in each future year when memories appear It shall be a Christmas apart.