Around the Kitchen Table 12-19-13

Weathering the Weather

This picture was taken by my daughter Marina last fall at the Normantown School Fall Festival. I was showing a class the tools we quilters use to make our quilts. Like carpenters and electricians, quilters are proud of their tools. The students thought it was interesting that quilters used so many math angles, squares and circles when making quilts.

In the picture I was using a quilter ruler to point out the many angles in my Thimbleberry quilt. I made the Thimbleberry quilt several years ago. On the table are some quilt tools, a rotary cutter, cutting mat, quilting hoop, scissors and our Guild Pen. I collected fabric for the quilt on the wall made of six inch squares for a long time. It is one of my favorite quilts. I copied it from a quilt I saw in a magazine.

Last Sun. was my 85th birthday. Daughter Jo Ann planned a BIG surprise birthday party for me. The weatherman had a bigger surprise for everyone when we had a very slick seven inches of snow, falling at the rate of two inches an hour. Jo Ann cancelled the party and I only had two visitors, sister Caren and husband Dana. I enjoyed the many cards and phone calls I received. I remember asking my Uncle Lewis Allen if he felt old when he was 80 years old and now I am 85 years old and I'm not sure I consider myself old yet, though the snow did keep me housebound most of the week.

Our calendars say it is still fall, but last Fri. we had a flood and most of my bottoms were covered with water. Then we had the snow on Sun. and on Tues. we had two more inches of snow and some really cold days and nights. Gilmer Co. Schools were on a two hour delay Tues., this makes me wonder what winter might bring. I guess it is a good time for some armchair gardening.

On Sun., granddaughter Rachel Adams graduated with a Master's Degree from Marshall University. Nice going Rachel. Son Steven's family has been having a lot of sickness. Granddaughter Brianna Marks has been in the Cystic Fibrosis Unit of the UVA Hospital for treatment for almost two weeks. She plans to be home by the time you read this.

Kathy's son John Mills' oldest son, Cooper, spent some time in a Baltimore Hospital and his twins had their tonsils removed. John took care of the twins and his wife Becca stayed in Baltimore with Cooper. They are all home now but Cooper is scheduled to have his tonsils and adenoids removed soon.